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A crumbling economy, wars without end, new health risks,
security threats, and more. The media gives us a constant
stream of reasons to be afraid. But what if God's people
shined a light of eternal hope right into the face of this
world's temporary circumstances?

That's the compelling idea behind Fearless, the tenth
studio album from one of today's most respected Christian
vocal groups, Phillips, Craig & Dean. Uniquely gifted and
positioned in their dual roles as musicians and full-time
senior pastors in three different U.S. cities, Randy
Phillips, Shawn Craig and Dan Dean know More...

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#AwesomeSong | Reviewer: Dave S. Ike-Okoli
    ------ About the song When God Ran performed by Phillips, Craig & Dean

When I first heard this song...I cudnt get over reminded of how much Our Heavenly Father loves Us...despite our dirtiness,filth and evil...God is always faithful to Himself and His Word.Whenever we screw up,God is always there to forgive us and welcome us back into His arms with Love.Rom.6:1...shall we continue in sin that Grace may abound?God Forbid...avoiding sin is greeeeaaaattt...we can't keep walking into and then take God for granted...its uncool...God is just so awesome...He Rocks...I Love Him...I would nevr stop Loving Him...#AwesomeSong...!

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