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Phillip Phillips Biography

Last updated: 06/26/2012 12:00:00 PM

Who Is Phillip Phillips?

Phillip Phillips, the boy so talented his parents named him twice. This 20-year-old American Idol Season 11 contestant grew up in Sasser and Leesburg, Georgia, and is rumored to be in the Top 42 contestants for this season. In his Savannah audition, Phillip performed an animated rendition of Stevie Wonder’s hit, “Superstition.”

According to Albany Uncovered, Phillip started playing music when he was 14, and is a frequent performer in Albany, Georgia, gigging with the band G&S or with his younger sister. In addition to singing, Phillip also plays the bass, piano, and drums. Phillip names Dave Matthews, Johnny Lang, Mumford & Sons, and Tool among his musical influences.

Don’t expect Phillip to be singing a ton of love songs; he tells The Albany Journal: “I don’t like gushy love songs or songs that are just stupid and make no sense at all. If you write a love song, make it different — don’t just write, ‘I love you baby, you are so wonderful …!’ It aggravates me.”

Above Sources: Albany Uncovered, The Albany Journal

Phillip Phillips Jr. from "American Idol 2012" is rumored to be one of the top 42 contestants in Season 11 of the FOX reality singing competition. He performed "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder and "Thriller" by Michael Jackson for his audition in Savannah, Georgia. All three judges voted yes to send him to Hollywood.

Phillip Phillips ("American Idol") is a singer who performs with his brother-in-law Ben Neil in a range of styles from rock to hip hop to jazz and more. Phillips also plays the guitar and bass. He grew up in Sasser, Georgia, and is currently living in Leesburg, Georgia. He attended Lee County High School.

Phillips currently works at his father's pawn shop.