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Jacob Ochs, Philip's father was a doctor, driven mad by his
World War II experiences in Europe. Jacob Ochs has been
described as a dreamer who inherited his father's friendly
personality, but not his ambition. Jacob grew up in the
immigrant Jewish environment of New York City. After a
brief try at becoming a boxer, Jacob went to the University
of Virginia with the dream of becoming a medical doctor.
However, his attempts to get into medical school in the
United States were frustrated because of the quotas schools
used to minimize More...

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Review about Phil Ochs songs
Bound for Glory | Reviewer: Glory Cloud Revelation
    ------ About the song Bound For Glory performed by Phil Ochs

Phil Ochs definitely had talent for expression of professionalism in writing songs and music. I would love to hear "Bound for Glory" being sung after Bob Dylan's "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie" poetry recital from his Bootleg Album.
It made me very sad to read in Phil's biography, how Phil Ochs died in 1976. I say this with tear drops in my eyes, "So sorry to hear this". from Glory Cloud Revelation

    ------ About the song The Power And The Glory performed by Phil Ochs

This song captivates the beauty and hope of America without the militarism and jingoism that permeate almost all "patriotic" songs. It's my candidate for our national anthem.

    ------ About the song Crucifixion performed by Phil Ochs

Yes, the album arrangement has its controversy, but it works with the message (chaotic Stockhausen-esque arrangements chillingly back up the line "But the louder that he screams the longer he's ignored").

They got it right | Reviewer: Nancy Sherburne
    ------ About the song Doesn't Lenny Live Here Anymore performed by Phil Ochs

My review is more towards the lyrics than the song. When I had received his 3-disk set Farewells and Fantasies I read through the 98-page booklet that included backgrounds on the 53 songs including Doesn't Lenny Live Here Anymore? which came about when people kept coming by the apartment Phil had rented inquiring about the previous tenant. The song is beautiful, but all sites I went to for the lyrics had one line as "But the words don't seem to come and you know that they're(?) better." I gave up finding one with "they" and was looking for a site with information that would give me a name or address to write to as there should be a way to research the original lyrics so I found this one and clicked on the link to lyrics and then to Doesn't Lenny Live Here Anymore?" and saw the line written as it had to have been written. "They're" does not make sense (they're better than what?), but "they" does. Phil was saying the words were not coming to him but they had better come to him so he could write them down. I suppose only those who penned the lyrics know exactly what they wrote, but common sense helps as well.

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