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"You've got so many groups talking about 'the real.'
Keeping it real is about keeping it original and not trying
to have some gimmick or follow some gangster trend. Keep it
true to yourself and how you want to come off. People will
accept that because it is real."

Boasting a collective stream-of-conciousness flow, a shared
love of freaky humor and fearless penchant for exposing
emotions, The Pharcyde has proved itself to be one of hip
hop's few originators. With its 1992 Delicious Vinyl debut
album, Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde, now More...

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Reviews about Pharcyde songs

Daisies or Daytons | Reviewer: colin
    ------ About the song Ya Mama performed by Pharcyde

I always thought they said my mom was eating "Daytons" like Now and Laters, as in the car rims. Not daisies.

This page cleared up a bunch of other stuff I'd always wondered about, though, so thanks!

ya mama pharcyde | Reviewer: chris
    ------ About the song Ya Mama performed by Pharcyde

Your mother got an Ouija board on her back
Sidney with EQ and everything what he be sayin

I think it's:
Your mother got a mixing board on her back
sittin' with an EQ and everything

EQ = mixing board makes more sense :)

Thanks for the lyrics, though...favorite hip-hop track

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