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Tora Tora Phantom Rider Lyrics

Last updated: 11/07/2009 11:00:00 AM

'Comes a Time
You see'em pass you by
Witness the pain
That it leaves behind

Shadow grows darker
And weakens the soul
It takes you away when
The winds are blowin' cold

Whoa-ooooh whoa-ooooh whoa-oh
Phantom Rider (rider, rider)
Please don't take me away yeah
Away-ay-ay no

Time is everlasting
But nothing out lasts time
Whatever comes must go it seems
It's not ours to question why

Just lift your hands up to the sky
And freeze the warmth of the sun
Keep livin' for the moment
But your time is gonna come


Whoa-aaah hey yeah-ah yeah

You can feel it comin'
The older that you grow
And when your time has come at last
There's some things you'll never know

So always remember
To keep your gun held high
Cause you'll never know when
The Phantom will make his faithful ride

Chorus x2

Don't you take me away no-oo
Don't you take me away