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The Shins Phantom Limb Lyrics

Last updated: 12/18/2013 06:30:07 AM

Foals in winter coats,
White girls of the North,
Fire past one, five and one
They are the fabled lambs of Sunday ham,
The EHS norm

And they can float above the grass,
In circles if they tried,
A latent power I know they hide,
To keep some hope alive,
That a girl like I'm could ever try,
Could ever try.

So we just skirt the hallway sides,
A phantom and a fly,
Follow the lines and wonder why
There's no connection.

A week of rolling eyes,
And cheap shots from the trite,

And we're off to Nemarca's porch again,
Another afternoon of the goat head tunes,
And pilfered booze.

We wander through her mama's house,
And the milk from the window lights,
Family portrait circa ninety-five,
This is that foreign land,
With the sprayed on tans,
And it all feels fine,
Be it silk or slime,

So, when they tap our Monday heads,
Two zombies walk in our stead,
This town seems hardly worth our time,
And we'll no longer memorize or rhyme,
Too far along in our crime,
Stepping over what now towers to the sky,
With no connection.

So, when they tap our Sunday heads,
Two zombies walk in our stead,
This town seems hardly worth our time,
And we'll no longer memorize or rhyme,
Too far along in our crime,
Stepping over what now towers to the sky,
With no connection.

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This is a "One in a Million" song! | Reviewer: Karl I. | 12/12/13

Being a 60 year old man in Dallas, I probably don't fit within the normal demographics The Shins music mainly aiming for.

Something about this song just grabs me! It's hard to explain. I first time I listened to the version with the stage play visuals, I was captivated!

I then found the version with printed lyrics & listened to it as I followed along, but I was unable to match up the lyrics to the stage-play. But this in no way is a negative, as I love the sound no matter what is actually being said. I will have to come up with my own unique meaning behind their mystical lyrics.

Of all the versions I found on YouTube I think the stage-play version is my favorite.

"Phantom Limb" is a unique and special song!

the tune is catchy | Reviewer: Jimmy D | 5/27/13

Foolish to look for deep meaning in this song's lyrics. They are just words written by a person(s) not much different than you or me and they are not profound insights into the human condition just because they are cryptic. More likely they just aren't written very well. But the ditty is a good one, so the lyrics don't have to have any special meaning, which is good in this case, because they don't.

memories | Reviewer: leo | 2/26/13

This song speaks to everyone differently. As for me it reminds me of moving to a new state and starting highschool. Not knowing anyone or anything about the kids or town I was now living in. I am much older now with a wife and kids of my own and yea still in that same ol new town. Lol but hearing this song and thinking back. I still have to smile. Great song.

It's Everything! | Reviewer: Irridainia | 9/22/12

I think the Shin's music has a meaning for everyone. It makes us all think back to good or bad memories just as most of their songs do. I love them and they are the one band with taste now adays. I myself am only 13 and find myself likeing memes and such now, but their music really speaks to me and though I haven't lived long on this earth, I feel past memories flow in when I hear their music.

-The Neo-Pagan Irridainia

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Jason | 7/22/12

Could be interpreted in many ways. I believe its been said the song is about 2 lesbian girls going through high school in a small town. While this may be true, it also suggests a greater meaning the way the lyrics were written. To me, it hearkens to the confusion/frustration/loneliness that comes along with knowing exactly who you are, but being unable to express yourself within a flawed system that encourages conformity on a small scale, and then a much larger scale. Eventually, the idea is to realize that you do not fit into this type of rigidity, and allow yourself to be as free as the breeze. Great song!

I dig it. | Reviewer: Annonymus | 2/22/11

The Shins are the best contempory band out there. They are pretty real in their music style and lyrics, so it's very refreshing in the era of kesha, and beiber fever, that there are still the bands that stay true to the music. I definately agree that the Shins sort of echo the bands from the 60s- 70s (the beatles ect) and the 80s (the smiths ect) it's just sad that recently it has become more rare for real music. anywho, I'm not completely bashing ALL contempories-- Death Cab and Sea Wolf tend to get me in that good place-- but I have yet to find one as amazing as the Shins. But good song- definately a favorite of mine.

Being Different | Reviewer: Becky | 11/26/10

The Shins' lyrics are like poetry, with great imagery and metaphors that could have a variety of different meanings. This song, to me, is about being different and the initial feeling of rejection that comes from being different than those around you, followed by the resentment and anger towards the "conformists", then the acceptance of being different.
"So we just skirt the hallway sides,
A phantom and a fly,
Follow the lines and wonder why
There's no connection."- This reminds me of the initial feeling I talked about.

Mindblowing | Reviewer: Mianna | 11/12/10

The Shins have shaped my perspective of music. Living in a northern town in Canada, people here don't know what music is.They think godamm kesha I think of music that will bring you to a new outlook on life, that will transport you to a different world. Thank you Shins, you shaped my 14 year old mind, oh and Jimbo, I'm extremely jealous!

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/09

this song has such a vintage feel to it and I love it :D I'm only nineteen but ever since I heard this song when I was about fifteen or sixteen this song just takes me back to another time...It takes me back to the sixties and I've always always loved the sixties since I can remember...

:D | Reviewer: Just Lynn | 8/21/09

This song is amazing! I love when lyrics are written so that you actually have to THINK about the point of the song. There are a lot of meanings to the lyrics once you look at them through different lenses. and it's really great to sing along with. i just all-around LOVE it!

stop fighting over the shins stealingf melodies from past bands | Reviewer: gabriel | 6/29/08

even if they take from other melodies, they mold it and shape it into their own style.isntn that what we all do?with all these clothes by designers and stuff we take things from different styles and make our own style.what i mean is music evovles through time to influence another generation.but it will still have some of the old styles of music.just sit back forget about the hard day and listen to this band which relaxes u in a unique and amazing way

Amazing concept and chord changes | Reviewer: f | 3/1/08

It is one of the best songs. Beach Boys harmonies, Bob Dylan mysterical lyrics (requiring thought, oh my!), the F#m to Fm is an amazing change. And the clever title, gotta laugh about that. What a great combination of music theory, harmony, teen angst, and satire. What songs over the past 40 years have that combination?

say what | Reviewer: amos hiller | 2/20/08

no one is stealing. great songs, with those ambiguous lyrics, and hooks that rattle around in your head for hours at a time have been around thru the ages. this is a cleverly crafted song that does not tire with repeated plays. and my 14 year old daughter loves it also. we both have very different music tastes. this song is for all ages

uh. | Reviewer: S | 2/16/08

We are all entitled to our opinions, but i would have to agree and say that the Shins definitley are on higher level than past artists (cough cough).
everything about this peice is enchanting.
It's a song that sticks with you.
It's perfect.

Song Meaning | Reviewer: Calvin | 11/19/07

This song is about a girl in High School who is an outsider and wants to be part of the "cool" group. She follows the cool girls to malls and house and no matter what the cool girls do or say to her, it feels good to be part of the group no matter the cost. Beautifully written, amazing song.