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If there's one band whose name conjures up images of pure,
passionate, power-packed rock and roll, it's Petra. They've
whisked listeners away on a wild ride since the heartbeat
of the band began years ago. And more than 7 million
records sold, four Grammy Awards, ten Dove Awards and an
induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame certainly
solidifies the fact that Petra was no one-trick pony. And
that momentum never stopped as the group helped define the
rock genre for a whole generation of music lovers, perhaps
more so than any More...

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Review about Petra songs
Love this song!!! | Reviewer: Kerem-hapuc
    ------ About the song Señor Llévame A Tus Atrios performed by Petra

I've always loved this song, ever since I was a little girl. I first heard it when I was a child and learned it by hearing it at church. Since I learned it by hearing it, I didn't know the exact words. I'm glad someone decided to post the lyrics that way other people get a chance to see it. Thanks!

I Will Celebrate / When the Spirit of the Lord | Reviewer: Alison
    ------ About the song I Will Celebrate / When the Spirit of the Lord performed by Petra

This is by far is one of the most powerful performance due to PETRA'S energetic enthusiasm I like to hear it all the time to face the world while going to work at 4:30 in the morning. I LOVE PETRA, AND I WISH THERE ARE MORE BANDS THAT PERFORMS IN PETRA STYLE.

Rediscovering Petra | Reviewer: Boyet Codas
    ------ About the song Prayer performed by Petra

A prayer of us all. Very biblical. a very anointed song. I think I should rediscover Petra and introduce their songs to my children. Their songs are really based in scriptures and not just based on emotions as some of the "christian" songs nowadays are.

GOD GAVE | Reviewer: Brett B.
    ------ About the song God Gave Rock & Roll to You performed by Petra

Petra did NOT write this song..the original was written by Russ Ballard & recorded by ARGENT in 1973. Both Petra & KISS changed some lyrics in their respective versions. KISS' is by far the stand out version

Life Changing | Reviewer: Kelly Matthews
    ------ About the song Not By Sight performed by Petra

This was the first Christian rock song I ever heard. It changed my life. Not long after I started listening to Petra and other groups in this genre, I gave my life to Christ and have lived for Him ever since. Thank you Petra for being a willing vessel. God used your ministry to save my life.

take me in | Reviewer: rich
    ------ About the song Take Me In performed by Petra

This is one great song. I feel the anointing ever time i listen to it. It draws me closer to the Father more than ever before. I recommend all who hear to listen to this song as they go in to worship the Father and Jesus His son. But remember before you can enter the holy of holies that the song talks about you must first repent and be cleansed of all unrighteousness. Because the holy of holies is where the manifest presence of God resides and sin cannot share the same space as the presence of God.

Blinded Eyes | Reviewer: Valerie Needham
    ------ About the song Blinded Eyes performed by Petra

I totally love this song!! This song has helped me in my life when I in conflict with another person. It has helped me see where I was blind to where the other party was coming from.

Thank you Petra for writing awesome songs!!

The greatest song ever... | Reviewer: Ludmila Petrova
    ------ About the song Angel of Light performed by Petra

In my opinion Angel of light is the most revealing song of the truth of the whole situation, that we as christians are in. Thank God that a person like Bob Hartman is a christian and wrote such a fabulous song .Both lyrics and music remain unsurpassable as a standard by anyone ,who has ever written music.No matter that Petra is not recording anymore I rate them as number 10 + for ever...

The Most Realist Song of Truth I Ever Heard! | Reviewer: Bruce A. Geddings
    ------ About the song Angel of Light performed by Petra

This is one of the most realistic songs of the truth about Satan that I think I have ever heard by anyone. I give this song a perfect 10 on any scale and feel sorry for those who think differently about the real Angel of Light!

just the words at the end of the song are wrong | Reviewer: katelyn
    ------ About the song I Love You, Lord performed by Petra

The way I learned the song, in my school choir, we didn't learn the words "We exalt you" and "oh oh Lord".
Also I have heard the song before in many different places and also seen it written, but I have never seen that part of the song before. It's a great song though!!

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