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Peter Tosh was born into this world without a father or
mother with the responsibility, or the time to raise young
Peter. He was raised by his aunt, although Peter's
personality would have you believe that he raised himself.
An extremely self-reliant, self-dependent entity, Tosh
fought for those who could not fight themselves. He was a
voice for those who had not the means, nor the ability to
speak to a worldwide audience. While those with power on
the island of Jamaica saw Peter as a threat to the existing
regime (A regime comprised of corrupt 'politricksters' who
ally with More...

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Review about Peter Tosh songs
King of reggae is gone for ever,but reggae music is gonna rock time and again | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Glass House performed by Peter Tosh

I was 8 year old when i head this song,it reminds me of my brother who use to ply them,and now he's very old he don't play them anymore.and he is the one who made to fall in love with peter tosh's songs.i wish that he cold be her and see the changes he brought in my life,but he is nomore and his music is stil alive and strong:by NEO LESOETSA ANDREW

    ------ About the song Mama Africa performed by Peter Tosh

I love this song because am pure African and i wonder for other who think to live out of Africa while the outsiders they think to come to our natural rich continent.Just think about Brother Tosh who proud for Africa where he is not born.What about u?

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