Peter, Paul & Mary Lyrics

It was 38 years ago this year when three folk singers
combined talents and made their debut at Greenwich
Village's Bitter End coffee house. What began there has
become a legacy, shared by people all over the world who
are now on a first name basis with Peter, Paul & Mary.
With many albums, Grammy awards and esteemed television
shows behind them, they continue to embrace the family of
folk music, singing new songs written by the "old soul"
poets of today as well as traditional ballads drawn from
the great folk heritage they still More...

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Review about Peter, Paul & Mary songs
a unicorns' true friend who's adventurous too, Roy, UT. | Reviewer: Jasmine Olson
    ------ About the song THE UNICORN SONG performed by Peter, Paul & Mary

keep playing this song please, it helped me pick a special song for my list of songs for all 3 of the fantasy friends I have inside me from Totem Stuff, and Chinese Zodiac since I'd rather let it be a Unicorn instead of a horse, but I love both, and some personality quizzes say I'm mainly protector who's brave to rescue but shy too when it's time to speak up like a wolf and a Earth dragon. For my own Easter vocab. I've been picking my own words and songs thanks for creating this cool unicorn friendship song. on you tube it was fun to hear. Good luck Peter, Paul and Mary.

Rolling Home | Reviewer: Bland Crowder
    ------ About the song ROLLING HOME performed by Peter, Paul & Mary

It's good to hear what this song has meant for others. I have just always loved the harmonies and loved to sing them. They soar, very dynamic. PP&M were the first concert I ever saw, 10th grade, 1967, Richmond, Va. I always had the feeling that Mary Travers really didn't need that microphone.

A call to "Carry On" | Reviewer: Gerard
    ------ About the song SWEET SURVIVOR performed by Peter, Paul & Mary

As an aging flower child, this song caused me to reflect on the ideals I have held but lost hope of seeing come to fruition. It called me to keep up the good fight.

Story behind lyrics | Reviewer: Jean Druffner
    ------ About the song AUTUMN TO MAY performed by Peter, Paul & Mary

Autumn to May is a favorite song of mine. I would like to know the tales behind each of the verses so that I could weave the tales into a story and sing the song with children. Can anyone enlighten me about the tales?

I Dig Rock n Roll Music | Reviewer: Dr Jim
    ------ About the song I DIG ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC performed by Peter, Paul & Mary

Rock n Roll faded with Buddy Holly's demise, Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his 13 year old cousin, Little Richard going into the ministry, payola, Elvis going into the Army and Chuck Berry violating the Mann Act(transporting a minor across state lines for immoral purposes. Peter, Paul and Mary's parody on rock n roll is a refreshing transition of folk.

sad song that stays with you | Reviewer: PPM fan
    ------ About the song A SOALIN' performed by Peter, Paul & Mary

This lyrics of this sing-song, strangely melancholy melody have an uncanny ability to stay with the listener. The song implants itself in one's stays with you. One of PP&M best in my opinion.

Made Me Cry Alot | Reviewer: Marcella
    ------ About the song DON'T LAUGH AT ME performed by Peter, Paul & Mary

My guidence counsler shows it to the class every year and always makes me shed my tears alot. I love the feeling when you just let out your feelings and pick up the song to cry all the time. By the way I am 10 years old and still have the emotions for this song it just wants to make me cry all the time and all the song describes me. Lonely, thin, short, doofus, clumsy and whatever the other kids call me by tricking me into really funny stuff for them but clumsy for me. Love this song and it makes me feel stronger.

Therapist | Reviewer: Wendy Godber
    ------ About the song LEMON TREE performed by Peter, Paul & Mary

The meaning of the lyric is quite clear. At base level it's about beauty being skin deep. Go further and there is good in everything, iften though we need bitter lessons to discover the goodness.

Music of This IS My Song | Reviewer: Anne Visscher
    ------ About the song SONG OF PEACE (Finlandia) performed by Peter, Paul & Mary

I sing in a choir which performs, among other songs, the wonderful 'This Is My Song'. It will be on the 19th october in the City of Arnhem in the Netherlands. Looking forward to it. Most likely, recordings will be uploaded on to our website afterwards.
Thanks to Jesus our saviour to have given us this wonderful gift of peaceful brotherhood and singing. Love to give Him praise.


The Past Is Made Clearer | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song ROLLING HOME performed by Peter, Paul & Mary

I had a friend back around 1970 who would let stronger personalities dictate the major movements of his life. He went from one "trip" to another with shocking speed and, sadly for those of us who loved him, predictability. Why were there so many back then who did "trade their souls...just to be somebody else...?" Judging from when it was written, Rolling Home has only grown keener in my estimation in its speaking to that era while P,P & M truly voiced my own passionate frustration of its excesses and casualties.

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