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I know very little about Peter Murphy.I know his name, and
I know the shape of his head, because itÌs a shape IÌve
always been very jealous of. I think anyone with a head
shaped like that, all kind of sharp and hollow and almost
sinister, must have something of the magical about him. I
wonder if itÌs a fluke that he has a head like that, a
splendid accident of birth, or has it been sheer vain
anxious will-power that has shaped Peter MurphyÌs head into
something that is positivley Artaudian, if youÌll pardon my
french. I know also More...

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Lyric error? | Reviewer: phil
    ------ About the song Gliding Like A Whale performed by Peter Murphy

I believe the lyrics to the last verse should be, "Shooting stars that leave no trail," not "starts;" this seems to be a common mistake, with only a few websites getting the lyric correct. The word "starts" just doesn't make sense here.

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