Peter Murphy Albums

  • Ninth Album (6/7/2011)
    Velocity Bird
    Seesaw Sway
    Peace To Each
    I Spit Roses
    Never Fall Out
    Memory Go
    The Prince & Old Lady Shade
    Uneven & Brittle
    Secret Silk Society
    Créme De La Créme

  • Unshattered Album (10/5/2004)
    Idle Flow
    Kiss Myself
    Piece Of You
    Face The Moon
    Emergency Unit
    Thelma Sings To Little Nell
    The Weight Of Love
    Give What He's Got
    Blinded Like Saul
    The First Stone
    Breaking No One's Heaven

  • Dust Album (4/23/2002)
    Things To Remember
    Fake Sparkle Or Golden Dust?
    No Home Without Its Sire
    Just For Love
    Girlchild Aglow
    Your Face
    Jungle Haze
    My Last Two Weeks
    Subway (Epilogue)

  • Recall E.P. Album (4/1/1997)
    Roll Call - Recall
    Indigo Eyes 98
    Big Love of a Tiny Fool
    Big and Tiny Live
    Cool Cool Breeze

  • Cascade Album (4/1/1995)
  • Holy Smoke Album (4/21/1992)
  • Deep Album (12/19/1989)
  • Love Hysteria Album (3/1/1988)
  • Should the World Fail to Fall Apart Album (4/1/1986)

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