Peter Gabriel Lyrics

BORN: February 13, 1950, London, England

Peter Gabriel has been writing songs for some 30 years.
Before he hit the 'big time', he started writing songs
while at about 11 or 12 years old. "The first song I wrote
was called 'Sammy The Slug.' Everyone else was writing
about girls, and I was writing about slugs, which shows
what I was interested in." (PG quote).

While attending Charterhouse school in Surrey, England, he
met up with Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Anthony
Phillips and together started the band Genesis. Their first More...

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Review about Peter Gabriel songs
Magnificent | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song San Jacinto performed by Peter Gabriel

I have always thought that this is a supremely intelligent and moving song that blends related themes so efficiently. The somewhat terrifying true story of the young Apache's traditional manhood initiation trial is told against the backdrop of western culture supplanting native values and destroying the landscape.

Love of craziness | Reviewer: Nelisiwe
    ------ About the song In Your Eyes performed by Peter Gabriel

I was introduced to a song by one of my long lost boyfrnd ,evry time it's played i miss him and the memories we had. i jst love the african rhytmn cos im from Africa Peter Gabriel you are the man,i will always wanted him to be complete in my eyes.

Timeless tune speaks spirituality and stirs emotion | Reviewer: Jake Maffucci
    ------ About the song Solsbury Hill performed by Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel is a genius. Solsbury Hill demonstrates this as he shares his spiritual awakening in this song. It is evident that during Gabriels tumultious time (1976) when he departed from Genesis he listened to that small still voice, joined his pregnant wife at home and started his solo career. He articulates his experience using clever metaphors and allegory-no suprise. What makes Gabriels Solsbury Hill timesless lies simply in the fact that any self aware or "awake" person inevitably experiences a major life change that goes against ones grain and disaproval by other people in ones circle of friends. It is here that one finds his true self, thus " The truth will set you free " This invites the listner to reflect on his or hers own life and if fortunate enough ,transformation. The lyrics flow and grow as the does the intensity in his voice and instrumentally in a curious 7/4 timing. To any early Genesis fan Solsbury Hill is unique to Peter Gabriel bearing no relation to his former bands style, other then his piercing voice. I sat in awe at the Palladium in 1977 as Gabriel performed this song with Steve Hunter and Robert Fripp.. His energy level wasoff the charts as he ran around the hall with a cordless mike donning a grey sweatsuit with a hoody and short hair. At this show Peter also sang a song that I have never heard before or after in this high pitched voltage vocals..accapello."truly unforgettabl" The feeling of awe equaled the depths of my soul equivelant to seeing the statue of David created by Michelangelo in Florence Italy. Watching and listening to Peter perform Solsbury hill live dwarfed the studio version. Primarily observing his emotions on his face and body language. Solsbury Hill is undoubtably very personal to this unique artist. I urge any music lover while listening to this timeless tune to internalize the lyrics simeltanously. A true masterpiece that moves ones spirit.

Classic | Reviewer: Mary
    ------ About the song In Your Eyes performed by Peter Gabriel

No matter how old this song gets, it sounds as beautiful as the first time I heard it. There are other lyrics at the beginning of the song that Peter G. sings in his live concerts. That is what I am looking for.

Death | Reviewer: Captain Sexypants
    ------ About the song No Way Out performed by Peter Gabriel

I came here hoping to find a comment explaining what this song is about, but I think I figured it out. I might be completely wrong, but the narrator finds a crowd gathered around someone lying down. It doesn't outright say what happened, but the person lying down is dying. (He possibly got hit by a car, a sudden heart attack, maybe stabbed by a mugger or something; it doesn't specify.) But the narrator gets this instinctual pang that it is someone he knows, dreads this. He then realizes that his suspicion is correct, and commands him to stay alive.

The goldfish part appears to be a reminiscing of a past event the narrator had at some point with this individual. Also, his skin is becoming paler as he slips further and further into death.

The rest of the song involves the narrator telling his friend to stay alive, and is checking his pulse when doing so. (And it suggests the friend is bleeding, so I think it's safe to say it wasn't a heart attack.)

I'm still not sure what the whole "no way out" thing means, but the last few lines suggest that it's a way for the narrator to pretend that he can prevent his friend from dying. From that and the fact that "I Grieve" comes immediately after this song on the album, I think it's obvious how this turns out.

blaksuede, well said | Reviewer: sledgehammer
    ------ About the song In Your Eyes performed by Peter Gabriel

Gabriel has used pan-African rhythms for years. He left Genesis, wisely, as the band turned into just another Yes/ELP/Rush-type clone based around long solos and self-absorption. (Enter Collins).

perfect in every way | Reviewer: japlyn
    ------ About the song Book of Love performed by Peter Gabriel

After being widowed twice 20yrs later found first love . This song is our wedding song . Most perfect song ever . Never thought this day would come . Never heard such a heartfelt song that compares

Infinitely Beyond His Time | Reviewer: Blaksuede
    ------ About the song In Your Eyes performed by Peter Gabriel

I was born in the Bronx in the early 70's but grew up in W.P.B., Fla. Quite literally, MTV and I grew up together. Like most Blacks, the genre of my musical interest was Rap and R&B but MTV introduced me to a whole new dimension of music exploration. I had become a Phil Collins fan and had no idea that he was even in a band called "Genesis" when I saw Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" video (which I believe earned him Video Vanguard Award) I believe the album is appropriately titled "Mosaic". "In Your Eyes" was maybe the second or third release off of that album. I was forever impressed with the rich somewhat tribal textures of the song but it was only is month ago when I heard a woman sing it at Karaoke.....She did an outstanding job!!!! Right down to Primal ad lib at the end. The song haunted me for two weeks, I had to download it or I would have went nuts!!! And that's when I too felt " The Light, The Heat" that I can only describe as Simplistic Sophistication!!! His choice of words aren't catchy but but the EMOTION just seizes you until you look at your watch and realize that you have had it on repeat for the last 20 minutes. It evokes chills and sometimes tears...And that, is the Genius of it all.......

heart wrenching | Reviewer: jay
    ------ About the song Book of Love performed by Peter Gabriel

My daughter sent me this song to listen to, as she often does(thanks nikki) what a beautiful song, and not really being a big fan of Peter Gabriel, was suddenly converted. Now I'm downloading his latest album. You never know when something can come along and hit you between the eyes and move your senses and feelings. Absolutely adore it x

broke | Reviewer: JamesBo
    ------ About the song Father, Son performed by Peter Gabriel

i´ve broke up with my whole family, bcse of my dad...still in struggle, but finally the best decision at all for MY family. Always got hard feelings abt bad parents, and want to be the same as mine!

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