Peter Cetera Albums

  • Another Perfect World Album (3/27/2001)
    Perfect World
    Rain Love
    Just Like Love
    Feels Like Rain
    I'm Coming Home
    It's Only Love
    Rule the World
    Have a Little Faith
    Only Heaven Knows
    Whatever Gets You Through (Your Life)

  • You're the Inspiration Album (5/20/1997)
    If You Leave Me Now
    The Next Time I Fall
    Do You Love Me That Much?
    Feels Like Heaven
    You're The Inspiration
    I Wasn't The One (Who Said Goodbye)
    She Doesn't Need Me Anymore
    Baby, What A Big Surprise
    (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight
    After All

  • One Clear Voice Album (9/1/1995)
    The End Of Camelot
    (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight
    Apple Of Your Daddy's Eye
    One Clear Voice
    Wanna Be There
    The Lucky Ones
    Still Getting Over You
    And I Think Of You
    Happy Man

  • World Falling Down Album (6/16/1992)
    Restless Heart
    Even A Fool Can See
    Feels Like Heaven
    Wild Ways
    World Falling Down
    Man In Me
    When There's No Tomorrow
    The Last Place God Made
    Dip Your Wings
    Have You Ever Been In Love?

  • One More Story Album (8/1/1988)
  • Solitude/Solitaire Album (6/1/1986)
  • Peter Cetera Album (12/1/1981)

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