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Singer, songwriter and bassist Peter Cetera has enjoyed a remarkable solo career with two Grammy Award nominations, an Academy Award nomination and four hit singles landing at #1.

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Peter Paul Cetera was born into a large family and learned how to harmonize around the house at a young age. Although he wanted to learn to play the guitar, his first instrument was the accordian, selected by his parents. At 14, he had just finished his first year in a seminary when a friend took him to his first concert. He immediately realized that this was where he wanted to be and went out and bought his first guitar.

He took up bass guitar and after finishing high school played in several groups in Chicago while also attending computer school--following the age old parental advice that he "have something to fall back on." Needless to say, his computer career has gone nowhere. Rising to the height of the local scene in a Top 40 cover band named The Exceptions, he happened to hear another group playing live with a new sound, and since they were looking for a bass player, he joined The Big Thing, a group which later changed their name to Chicago Transit Authority.

The group headed to Hollywood to find fame and fortune and, after landing a high-profile gig as the house band at The Whiskey A Go Go, they toured as the opening act for both Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. By the time their first album, Chicago Transit Authority was released, the group had shortened the name to Chicago.

As the lead singer and bassist of Chicago, Cetera wrote some of the biggest hits of the rock and pop music era including "If You Leave Me Now," "Baby, What A Big Surprise," "You're The Inspiration," "Stay The Night," "Feeling Stronger Every Day" and "Hard To Say I'm Sorry." Of their 17 albums, three went platinum, nearly all of them went gold and their first four appeared on the best-seller list all at one time. At one point "If You Leave Me Now" was the #1 song in both the U.S. and Britain.

After a successful run with the group, mutual musical differences led to a parting of the ways. Cetera then realized a life-long ambition and launched his career as a solo artist. He won immense popularity and critical praise with his debut solo album, Solitude/Solitaire, which has the unmistakable sound and romantic intensity he has been polishing his entire career.

The first single released from that album, "Glory Of Love," hit the #1 spot on the charts. The song was written as the theme for "The Karate Kid Part II," and garnered both a Grammy Award nomination and an Academy Award nomination, and brought him the honor of performing at the Academy Awards ceremony. Another Grammy Award nominee and #1 hit from that album, "The Next Time I Fall" a duet with popular Christian singer Amy Grant, set the precedent for his surprising pairings with top-notch female vocalists.

The hits have continued on his subsequent albums. His second album, titled One More Story, yielded "One Good Woman," which rose to #1 on the adult contemporary charts. On 1992's World Falling Down, "Restless Heart" stayed at #1 for ten weeks; the album also features a hugely popular duet with Chaka Khan, "Feels Like Heaven," and the top five hit "Even A Fool Can See."

Cetera has just released his fourth album, One Clear Voice, and the first single, "Forever Tonight," is skyrocketing up the charts. The single features Cetera with Crystal Bernard of NBC's hit series "Wings". Other highlights include pairings with country star Ronna Reeves and "The Lucky Ones," which features the backgroud vocals of his daughter Claire.

When not working on his music, Cetera tries to fit in as many sports as possible, including basketball, mountain biking, soccer and motorcycling. He lives in Idaho with his daughter and is looking forward to touring in the near future.

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Yes but... | Reviewer: vstrode | 8/12/14

Yeah, the vocals are easy to admire etc. One of the best rock vocalists ever. As a working bass player, I am into his bass lines. McCartney could not have written them better. He did however keep playing around with different basses trying to get that just right tone, but I do the same and I know others do also.
Not sure I would have gone back to the P-bass though. He had a Spector for awhile and that is what I am using for the last year..

the voice that i wish i had! | Reviewer: hajji peralta | 4/14/14

What a coincidence, I am also a bassist in a local band group here in the Philippines. Sadly, never had that high pitch of voice like Peter Cetera. I've played bass guitar for less than 20 years, but I cant read musical notes. All of my band mates can sang Chicago's piece. But that's fine for me. The important was, of how we valued music. I am very proud that I've given a chance to sign up to your fan page Sir Peter Cetera, our idol! God Bless you and your family.

Unique music | Reviewer: Clea | 10/26/12

I am 32 years old born in 1980 and nothing touches my soul like Peter Cetera's voice and music. It sort makes me think about my days growing up as a child at home when I used to hear it, but I can also identify with it in my adult life as well. True timeless classics. They don't make music like that anymore.

It has been 26 years until now. | Reviewer: Eric | 6/9/12

I was 12yrs. old when I first heard Peter Cetera singing Hard to say I am sorry. When Chicago 17 came out, I fell in love with this band I even went out to buy their '70's stuff. I couldn't go to their Chicago 17 tour because none of my friends that could drive wouldn't go and pay a concert ticket to see Chicago. When I finally got my Lic. to drive it was too late. Peter Cetera announces that he broke from Chicago. I still went to a Chicago concert, but was missing him; they did not sound the same. I time went on; I bought Peter's cd's and love his style of music. But I never had the chance to see him live in concert. Until last night, my wife bought two tickets to the Pacific Symphony, front row seats. All I can say it wasn't good, It was great... for an hour and half I was getting flashbacks my good teenage life memories of his music, see him in person and enjoying an evening with my lovely wife. Thanks P.C.

A Voice that puts a smile on my face instantly! | Reviewer: Sally K. | 2/1/10

I absolutely love Peter Cetera's voice. I remember hearing Peter Cetera and Chicago when I was very young because they were and still are my older brother's #1 band. I think Peter Cetera's voice is God given because I smile every time I hear it. It's a shame Chicago isn't around anymore because in my opinion Peter Cetera and Chicago were and still are my #1 all time favorite band! I wish him nothing but beautiful days!

HARD TO SAY I'M SORRY | Reviewer: John Cotseres | 12/20/08

HARD TO SAY I'M SORRY, AFTER ALL, NEXT TIME I FALL, from the orig. the songs out there are not so good. my friend has the songs on 45rpm records and they sound great. can you help me out?
John Cotseres

Peter Cetera the boy with the golden voice | Reviewer: Nia | 9/16/08

Why is it that every time I hear a Chicago song, I can identify it by two things: 1st, the golden voice; even my 10 year old knows as he has been listening to Chicago since he was a baby. And 2nd, the horns...This morning, I was getting ready for work in crazy NYC and was listening to lite fm and they played "will you love me tomorrow, want you please want you please love me tomorrow like today." I'm sure that's not the title of the song, but I know the voice and I know the band is Chicago. Like my son, I started listening to Chicago in the 70's as my brother was a Big fan. It was so strange, because growing up in DC not many African American kids were grooving to Chicago, but then again, maybe they were and we didn't know. Any way, I have loved this band ever since and play the greatest hits cd all the time at work in my car at home...Peter Cetera is a great vocalist and his voice brings me to tears often times, depending on what's going on in my life. I know that when I listen to the lyrics and groove of Peter C., I'm at ease, groovin' and loving his voice. I can't wait to see him in concert again...

well you are best singing i hope you be continue do your job ok | Reviewer: juan | 11/16/07

well im what cant i say from peter cetera well im him best singing end i hope you continue do it your work like singing men ok that all for today ok

Peter Cetera Biography | Reviewer: Tito A. Espìnoza Iporre | 6/21/07

Activity 1. Read carefully the Peter Cetera´s biography and select one sentence for each tense (present simple, present continuous, past simple, past continuous, present perfect, past perfect, future)
Peter Paul Cetera was born into a large family(Pasado Continuo)
Peter Cetera has enjoyed a remarkable (Presente Perfecto)
At 14, he had just finished(Pasado Perfecto)
He lives in Idaho with his daughter(Presente Simple)
One Clear Voice, and the first single, "Forever Tonight," is skyrocketing up the charts(Presente continuo)
The group headed to Hollywood(Pasado Simple)

One Clear Voice Like No Other | Reviewer: Robin Marie Knutson | 12/20/06

If you ever have the chance to see Peter Cetera in concert especially now that he performs with a full orchestra do not hesitate. A voice that will melt your soul, and let you appreciate all the emotions he sends to your heart. Peter makes you feel like you are there with him alone singing to you no matter how many others are around you. ENJOY!

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