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Pete Townshend (born May 19, 1945) is a guitarist and
songwriter of UK rock band The Who. He was known for his
eccentric stage style, often interrupting concerts with
lengthy introductions of songs, and sometimes smashing his
guitar on stage. He currently resides in Richmond, UK. He
is married to Karen Astley, daughter of composer Ted
Astley, and has three children.
He was born in Ealing, London.

In 1962, Townshend and his art school friend John Entwistle
founded their first band, The Confederates, a Dixieland
duet featuring More...

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Review about Pete Townshend songs
Tempus Fugit | Reviewer: JudoWayne
    ------ About the song Let My Love Open the Door performed by Pete Townshend

This song got plenty of radio play when it was released. I had just gotten my license and I'd blast the speakers with the sweet sounds of this kick ass song. It's hard to believe that it was 34 long years ago.

not necessarily an ex | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Slit Skirts performed by Pete Townshend

I don't see an ex referenced in this song. I see a "soon to be" ex unless we drink up romance. And it seems that aint happening. This makes me think of a marriage gone dead and rotting, and the desolation that comes with still being in it. There just isn't any desire of any kind anymore and Pete (unlike many until it is waaay too late) has noticed this and is lamenting it. If you have ever stayed in a relationship too long, you know what it means to be an estranged lover despite the fact that you are still together.

my take on two lines | Reviewer: Scott Smith
    ------ About the song Slit Skirts performed by Pete Townshend

First of all, I loved this video when it came out. The bass player really rocked it. Second, when I hear the lines "And girls who lost their children cursed the men who fit the coil
And men not fit for marriage took their refuge in the oil," I think that the coil he's talking about is a birth control device -- the girls wish they had had children when they had the chance -- and the oil he's talking about is hash oil, really -- he's talking about men who never married and just sit at home getting high. Missed chances for both.

Great Song! But You can't relate to IT? | Reviewer: Traci
    ------ About the song Somebody Saved Me performed by Pete Townshend

Lovely, flowing Melodies. great stucture, but he always writes in a way where you cant relate in a universial way. Im not sure what hes talking about, other than he was saved from a potentionally bad Love affair. What Im saying is hes specific. "took up with some geezer from the Ealing scene..." Its HIS world, when POP writers should try to appeal/relate to everyone. It sells more records. Bu he can do what he wants cuz geez, hes made millions....

One of the Greatest Songs & Bands of all TIme | Reviewer: Jordi Antoine Gauthier-Rastrick Vald├ęs
    ------ About the song Save It for Later performed by Pete Townshend

Seriously and without question this has to be one of the greatest songs of its era. The English Beat were beyond doubt an influence above most in their moment, and phenomenal in concert. I can't even begin to describe how putting on one of their records would take me no matter how foul a mood I was in to a higher elevated stratosphere of joy. Thank you for all the music. You made me want to dance. I salute you...

The Universal Prayer | Reviewer: John W. Anderson
    ------ About the song Parvardigar performed by Pete Townshend

O Parvardigar is Pete Townshend's interpretation of Meher Baba's Universal Prayer. It is, in my humble opinion, the greatest song of worship ever written. It addresses the fact that there is but ONE God, Who spans time & has been called by many names. I became introduced to the song as a young teenager when I checked out the album "Who Came First" from the local library in my small Mississippi Delta town. I was blown away by the beauty of the instrumentation & sincerity of the lyrics. If I had to pick a song to sing to God himself, this would be the one.

How I found MEHER BABA through Pete | Reviewer: kama krishna
    ------ About the song A Little Is Enough performed by Pete Townshend

Well what can I say about PT; Reading the liner notes on the BEST OF PT album opened up a pandora's box for me in terms of finding my TEACHER/GURU; I am from India where Gurus are dime a dozen & it took me all the way to New York City to find my GURU; Meher Baba is a PROPHET for all who experience him through his teachings not just the academic aspect. The link between Science & Spirituality is inherent in his teachings via Darwin's theory of Evolution, Sufism, Advaitism, Quantum Mechanics & so on. Thank you PETE for bringing this awareness through your liner notes & song. You are a genius on the path of self-realisation.

Question about Slit Skirts | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Slit Skirts performed by Pete Townshend

Love this song - but does anyone have thought on verse "And girls who lost their children cursed the men who fit the coil
And men not fit for marriage took their refuge in the oil"?

I'd love to know the meaning

Classic | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Slit Skirts performed by Pete Townshend

If anyone has ever been through a breakup of a long relationship and the awkward period afterwards, you can relate to this song.

Some really visual references in the song. Running into your ex and avoiding "catching each other's eyes". Fearing relationships: "No one respects the flame quite like the fool who's badly burned". Growing old alone: "Can't pretend that growing older never hurts."

The song goes on to show the main character (Pete?) in a go-nowhere relationship with a woman who is constantly comparing him to her former lover... never as good... always disappointing: "A silent voice in her broken heart complaining that I'm unskilled."

I always liked this song but it took on a whole new meaning when I was in a similar position, maybe 7 years ago. Now it is one of my all-time favorite songs. It really captures the pain and fear from a time when we are most vulnerable.

Great Song | Reviewer: Who Fan
    ------ About the song Hiding Out performed by Pete Townshend

Look deep into what the words mean. I think there is a little bit of everyone in this song. Safe, secure and hiding from the truth.
Nice Job, Pete.

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