Pete Townshend Albums

  • Psychoderelict Album (6/15/1993)
    English Boy
    Meher Baba M3
    Let's Get Pretentious
    Meher Baba M4 (Signal Box)
    Early Morning Dreams
    I Want That Thing
    Dialogue Introduction to "Outlive the...
    Outlive the Dinosaur
    Flame [demo version]
    Now and Then
    I Am Afraid
    Don't Try to Make Me Real
    Dialogue Introduction to "Predictable"
    Meher Baba M5 (Vivaldi)
    Fake It
    Dialogue Introduction to "Now and Then"...
    Now and Then (Reprise)
    Baba O'Riley [demo version]
    English Boy (Reprise)

  • The Iron Man: A Musical Album (6/27/1989)
    I Won't Run Any More
    Over the Top
    Man Machines
    A Friend Is a Friend
    I Eat Heavy Metal
    All Shall Be Well
    Was There Life
    Fast Food
    A Fool Says
    New Life/Reprise

  • Another Scoop Album (7/8/1987)
    You Better You Bet
    Girl in a Suitcase
    Brooklyn Kids
    Football Fugue
    Happy Jack
    Long Live Rock
    Call Me Lightning
    Holly Like Ivy
    Begin the Beguine
    Vicious Interlude
    La-La Lies
    Cat Snatch
    Prelude #556
    Baroque Ippenese
    Praying the Game
    Drifting Blues
    Pictures of Lily
    Don't Let Go the Coat
    The Kids Are Alright
    Prelude, the Right to Write
    Never Ask Me
    The Ferryman
    The Shout

  • Pete Townshend's Deep End Live! Album (10/1/1986)
    After the Fire
    Behind Blue Eyes
    I'm One
    I Put a Spell on You
    Save It for Later
    Pinball Wizard
    Eyesight to the Blind

  • White City: A Novel Album (11/1/1985)
  • All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes Album (6/1/1982)
  • Empty Glass Album (4/21/1980)
  • Rough Mix Album (9/1/1977)
  • Who Came First Album (10/1/1972)

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    Reviews about Pete Townshend albums

    girls who lost their children curse the men who fit the coil | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes performed by Pete Townshend

    I think this greatly debated verse girls who lost their children curse the men who fit the coil refers to girls who had abortions, and men not fit for marrage seek their refuge in the oil refers to men joining the clergy. thats my take . any other thoughts?

    Petes Chinese eyes might be just too deep for most critics | Reviewer: John Piacente
        ------ About the album All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes performed by Pete Townshend

    This is one of Pete's best examples of how to write about personal topics, many critics refered to it as pretentious and self indulgent. but in fact it shows his ability to not write beyond the fans comprhension but allows people into his thoughts critics just get paid to criticize . the compisitions are well written. The sea refuses no river s music alone can demonstrate his mood at the time . it must have been a dreary lone,y time in his life. slit skirts about aging but wanting to feel young is spot on. As a die hard pete and Who fan I recomend this as a great cd to study petes musical composition genius. This cd created alot of real moods for the listener . even without the lyrics the music would have achieved its goal of letting the listener into the mind and mood of Pete townshend. The man is a genius ,a hundred yaers from now he will be studied as on of rock and rolls greatest composers ever. Critics please make sure the artist you are criticizing is not over your head.

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