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Anyone who has seen Pete Murray perform already knows what
the rest of the country is about to discover when they hear
his extraordinary Sony debut album, Feeler. Songs and
singers as strong and individual as this only come along
rarely, but the first thing that grips the attention is the
warm, dark-honey texture of the voice. Even as a soulful
whisper it conveys power, conviction, grace, all the cuts
and bruises of a life fully lived. When he lets rip, the
emotion crackles like a storm.

The voice is the perfect instrument to More...

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Reviews about Pete Murray songs

Love this song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song So Beautiful performed by Pete Murray

This song is pretty much written about me and this guy.

This guy and I used to have something, but we never turned it into a relationship.
He changed and moved to a new crowd. A bad one. He used to be a nice, humble guy now he thinks he's the sh*t and is full of himself.

You're bigger than Mighty Joe
At least you think so

I want to save him, or "plant his feet back on the ground" and show him he's messing up his life.I told him how I feel but I got rejected. Makes me wonder, was it even worth it?
You have changed so much that I don't know,
If I can call you, and tell you I care
And I would love to bring you down,
Plant your feet back on the ground

Crazy accurate. Love this song too.

Probably Pete's most meaningful song. | Reviewer: YarisMare
    ------ About the song Ten Ft Tall performed by Pete Murray

I actually was at one of Pete's concert when before he played the song he explained to us the meaning of the song...and here it is..

One of Pete's friends, wife was suffering severly from breast cancer. Sadly she lost the fight against cancer and passed away.

"you fought in well and you fought it away."

They attended the funeral:

"Many stand for you they will stand today"

The mate then went on to say that his wifes last wish was to come back a butterfly.

Pete and his mates went to the local hotel one night to try and cheer up his mate, have a few beers and whilst they where sitting down a white butterfly flew in to the hotel and sat on the man's shoulder.

Pete the went on to play the song with people singing through their tears.

So not only is it a beautiful song but it also has one of the most amazing meanings i have ever heard.

Incorrect lyrics. I have copied the correct ones from the Pete Murray official web site | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bail Me Out performed by Pete Murray

Bail Me Out
Two weeks away from reality, and I was beginning to feel I couldn't be myself.

Feel like a fly caught in honey, knowing that soon somebody is going to see me, knowing I'm probably going to die.

Oh, here we go again and I'm so spent, my head is spinning.
Oh can you bail me out of this rut I got myself in once again.

From my nightmares and my dreams I was beginning to feel I couldn?t be myself.
She was a little girl, she knew all about my world.
She was the matron of my dreams, she could set me free.

An amazing song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song So Beautiful performed by Pete Murray

Love. Lessons. Being true to who you are. What else is there? Perhaps, forgiveness. What else could be more Beautiful than two people finding something they thought they lost?

good song | Reviewer: patrick williamson-cameron
    ------ About the song Opportunity performed by Pete Murray

Pete this is one of the best songs i've ever heard i would love to listen to the cd but every time i go to buy it their all sold out. The people at the music stores tell me to put my name on hold for one but the last time i did that i never heard from them again. I was planning to ask my music teacher at school if we could do this song but i don't have it, i tried to download it from my computer but i found that no matter how hard i tried i had to pay when i only want this one song even though all your songs are good and they are all rated 10/10 but this song is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000/10 so that is my reveiw


My Review | Reviewer: Lachan
    ------ About the song Ten Ft Tall performed by Pete Murray

well to tell the truth this is one of the best songs ive beard was so much meaning to it...i give it 20 out of 10

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