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Nice guy, great voice: Happy birthday, Mr. C

Like quite a few of you, I more or less faithfully check
out the little "Happy Birthday" box that appears daily on
page A2 of this here paper.

What does this say about me . . . and, for that matter,
you? Why should we care? I've never heard of half these
people. So the lead singer of the band Sucking Chest Wound
just turned 23: How, precisely, am I supposed to come to
terms with that?

Every now and then, however, one of these entries leaps
out and whacks me right More...

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Review about Perry Como songs
I WANT TO GIVE | Reviewer: coolheat74
    ------ About the song I Want to Give performed by Perry Como

This song and Perry's voice are so beautiful together I get tears flowing. The Lyrics are over the top wonderful. I had never heard this song before and I recently bought an old album of AND I LOVE YOU SO on ebay because Perry always reminded me of my father. As far as I can see he never recorded it anywhere else or on another album. I hope I am wrong.

A Wonderful, Valuable Memory | Reviewer: Anne Lawless nee Hindenlang
    ------ About the song Goodnight, Sweet Jesus performed by Perry Como

Rosedale turned our enmasse (all ages) on Tuesday evenings for St. Clare's Church where we attended St. Jude Novena. "Good Night Sweet Jesus" was made even more memorable when ushers closed lights from the back of church until only candles on altar were lit. It is so good to hear Perry Como's voice.

Wrong composer! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song You're Nearer performed by Perry Como

This lovely ballad was written by Richard Rodgers with lyrics by Lorenz Hart, a frequent collaborator until the former began working with Oscar Hammerstein II after Hart's untimely death. Perry Como may have covered it as did many others.

Lovely heartfelt song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When You and I Were Young, Maggie performed by Perry Como

I am now 75 years old, and still love this song as much as I have all my life. It is touching, heartfelt, and can be played and sung with a lovely rhythm. I especially love this song when played and sung by a bluegrass-type band with guitar, banjo, ukulele and bass. It really is a tribute to love and life!

Looking for: "The Clovers," singing "Kentucky Babe" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Kentucky Babe performed by Perry Como

The Doo-Wop group "The Clovers" done this song on an LP-Album which was available in the late 1950's. Their version was beautiful. If someone has this LP-Album it would be great to hear it again.

Great childhood memories! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Chi-Baba, Chi-Baba ( My Bambino Go to Sleep ) performed by Perry Como

Having very fond memories of my Dad singing this to me and my brother and sisters as a child, I was only just telling my three young kids about it this very afternoon. So happy to have found the lyrics and can't wait to tell them in the morning! Like many others, I never really knew if it was indeed a real song or just a little ditty my Dad made up. Fabulous!

Kentucky Babe | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Kentucky Babe performed by Perry Como

I must've been in the third or fourth grade (1934-1935) when our music teacher, Mrs. Emily McNelly, taught us my all-time favorite lullaby. The words, then, were in dialect just as Perry Como sang it many years later. But the words translated easily when I sang them to my babes in the early 1950s.

Kentucky Babe | Reviewer: Linda Elkins Chandler
    ------ About the song Kentucky Babe performed by Perry Como

I sang solos at school and loved the lullaby Kentucky Babe. I lived in the Cumberland Mts. in Eastern KY just off Hwy 23. Our hills were truly alive with the sounds of music. In 1961 Kentucky Babe was one of the lullabys I sang to my baby daughter in Chicago, IL where my husband and I had migrated. It touched my heart always and I never forgot this beautiful song. in the mid-80s while living in south central KY, I shared it with a neighbor's son who was 4 yrs old and very hyper. It always calmed him and he learned to sing along. Kentucky Babe is for all ages and will bring a special joy to all who sing and/or listen to it. Thank you for this website so I can listen to it many different artists. It's a national treasure!

Sleep Kentucky babe | Reviewer: Donald App
    ------ About the song Kentucky Babe performed by Perry Como

I am nearly 80 years old and my early years were in Alabama. The song has been up dated to take out the negro dialect which it needs to be accurate. I had a part-time colored nanny and this is the way she sang this song. Remember this is a colonial(slave day) song.

Sleep Kentucky Babe
Negro lullaby from the colonial times

Skeeters am a hummin'
roun the honeysuckle vine.
Sleep Kentucky babe!

Sandman am a comin'
to dis lil' chile of mine.
Sleep Kentucky babe!

Silvery moon am shinin'
in the hebens up above.
Bobolink am pinin' fo his little lady love . . .

Yo is mighty lucky
babe of old Kentucky
close yo eyes in sleep . . .

Fly away,
fly away, Kentucky babe,
fly away to rest, fly away,
lay yo kinky, wooly head
on your mammy's breast,
Close yo eyes in sleep!

Kentucky Babe, by Burl Ives | Reviewer: John Lillis
    ------ About the song Kentucky Babe performed by Perry Como

I remember this song from when my kids were little and we had an Ives album with this song and "Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night..." and others. Como's lyrics are quite a bit different. I remember "Daddy's in the canebrake with his little dog and gun/Possum for your breakfast when your sleepin' time is done." Great song! Ives is terrific.

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