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Perry Como Sing To Me Mr. C. Album

Last updated: 11/06/2001 09:21:18 PM

Release Date: 08/01/1961
Tracks in Sing To Me Mr. C.: Complete Medley: (All By Myself ...), All By Myself, I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face, So In Love, Complete Medley: (Say It Isn't So ...), Say It Isn't So, Blue Skies, Here's That Rainy Day, Complete Medley: (All I Do ...), All I Do Is Dream Of You, Gigi, The Way You Look Tonight, Sing To Me Mr. C. ( Theme ), Complete Medley: (Thank Heaven ...), Thank Heaven For Little Girls, You Were Meant For Me, A Fellow Needs A Girl, I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter, A Portrait of My Love, Complete Medley:, Smile, How Deep Is The Ocean ?, This Nearly Was Mine, It All Depends On You, Back In Your Own Backyard

Sing To Me Mr. C. Album Tracklist