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Simple Plan Perfect World Lyrics

Last updated: 01/24/2011 10:00:00 AM

I never could have seen this far
I never could have seen this coming
It seems like my world is falling apart

Why is everything so hard
I don’t think that I can deal with the things you said
They just won’t go away

In a perfect world
This could never happen
In a perfect world
You’d still be here
And it makes no sense
I could just pick up the pieces
But to you this means nothing,
Nothing at all

I used to think that I was strong
Until the day it all went wrong
I think I need a miracle to make it through

I wish that I could bring you back
I wish that I could turn back time
'Cause I can’t let go
I just can’t find my way
Without you I just can’t find my way

In a perfect world
This could never happen
In a perfect world
You’d still be here
And it makes no sense
I could just pick up the pieces But to you
this means nothing, Nothing at all

I don’t know what I should do now
I don’t know where I should go
I’m still here waiting for you
I’m lost when you're not around
I need to hold on to you
I just can’t let you go
Yeah, yeah

In a perfect world
This could never happen
In a perfect world
You’d still be here
And it makes no sense
I could just pick up the pieces
But to you this means nothing,
Nothing at all

You feel nothing,
Nothing at all
Nothing at all

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great song!!!!! | Reviewer: sanjo caimori | 1/23/11

i fall in with someone,n finally i got hers love..but in her birthday party she ignored me i don't know why...n try to figure out what the truly happen to fact she found a new Guy...her ex boyfried...yeah i got hurt from that time..even she already broke my heart i still love her..coz only her can make crazy like this...i feel empty, blind just because her..

I Love this Song | Reviewer: Edwin Asdrew | 10/17/10

Being onest i love this song before that something heppened....
i had 2 years knowing some girl, i liked her and i guess she liked me. but in her 15 birthday she met some guy and change me for him. from this day i can't stop listenig this song

Ich hoffe, das ließt jemand, der Deutsch kann :D | Reviewer: Krissi | 6/6/10

Ich find, Simple Plan schreibt echt die beeeesten Texte, die's gibt! Und dieses Lied ist einer der Besten von ihnen! Ich mag's total, weil's mich zum nachdenken bringt. Ich höre es, wenn ich traurig bin. Weil es gut passt. (:

daMn cOoL !!! | Reviewer: XxPuRe_LoVexX | 12/5/09

damn !
Thiz xongz is reaLly daMn gReAt !
AnD thiZ SoNg is a beautiFUL meMORy too 2 me...
Well, me and my BoYFriEnD had kind of fight, and we did'nt talk 2 each other 4 3 weeks..
At 1st i've already tried 2 apologize 2 him.. But he just ignored me, my heart broke into pieces y'know..
When he tried to said sorry 2 me, i ignored him either, well that's kind of rude since i still love him with all of my life..
And after a few days, when i went to my fav club, he's there, waiting me on the stage.. When he saw i've already there, he sang this song, and i can heard, that he really felt guilt of my pain and my misery.. He even sang "leave out all the rest"(by linkinpark)and "crush"(by david archuleta) i can't take that anymore, so i ran to the stage and kiss him.. I even can felt that he's smirking.. Damn that!
He just tricked me so i can forgave him..
But i loved that..
I loved how he can stole my heart away again, like the old times..
Okay, just 6 words..
Thiz_song_is_sooo_godDamN_gReAt !!!!
P.s : u should listen at crush and leave out all the rest too !
That songz are also awesome

Broken | Reviewer: Monique~ | 11/12/09

I love this song. It discribes my situation so f*cking perfectly.
I fell in love with my best friend, and when he finally noticed it we had a fantastic evening. But after that night things got awkward and now i think he doesn't love me anymore... But i still love him!! We even don't have that special best friend bond anymore.. Everytime i hear this song i remember our good times as friends and i get tears in my eyes. I just wish I had made the right decision back then..

hafuzo | Reviewer: jhoe | 9/21/09

i love this sing!!!! it was introduced to me by an isolated friend....

this is his 3rd favorite song!!!

i liked it because i like him also!!!

i like you rokawa!!! this is my only way to tell you how i feel for you!!!

hope u wont read this!!!

Wow | Reviewer: Whisper | 6/9/09

My best friend introduced me to this song when we found out yesterday that our other best friend killed herself. It's so true. Every single word is so full of everything that I'm feeling. I love this song and I love this band.

different | Reviewer: Shelli | 2/22/09

as oposed to every other review, this song reminds me of someone dying. its such a good song and really has nothing to do with a break up. it is so much harder to forget someone after they die. yes, it does hurt when someone breaks up with you. but no matter how you interpret this song, it is amazing

Raina, I miss you... | Reviewer: Alex, Perfect of Lys Alana | 9/8/08

Our song... Damn. Hey you guys, you are all right. This is the best song, ever. It describes loss, love, fear, hate, sadness, emptiness... All of it.

And I love it for it.

I miss you, baby. See you in heaven.

perfect song | Reviewer: Never let me go | 7/12/08

Somehow the song is just like how I "I used to think that I was strong until the day It all went wrong..I think I need a miracle to make It through" . Everytime when I hear this song I just wanna screem and cry.This song is all I want to say to one guy,who broke my heart.I still love him and I can't forget him.