Pere Ubu Albums

  • The Modern Dance Album
    Non-Alignment Pact
    The Modern Dance
    Street Waves
    Chinese Radiation
    Life Stinks
    Real World
    Over My Head
    Sentimental Journey
    Humor Me

  • Lady from Shanghai Album (1/1/2013)
    Free White
    Feuksley Ma'am, The Hearing
    And Then Nothing Happened
    Musicians Are Scum
    Another One (Oh Maybellene)
    The Road Trip of Bipasha Ahmed
    Lampshade Man
    414 Seconds
    The Carpenter Sun

  • Why I Hate Women Album (9/19/2006)
    Two Girls (One Bar)
    Babylonian Warehouses
    Blue Velvet
    Flames Over Nebraska
    Love Song
    My Boyfriend's Back
    Stolen Cadillac
    Synth Farm
    Texas Overture

  • St. Arkansas Album (8/1/2002)
    The Fevered Dream of Hernando DeSoto
    Slow Walking Daddy
    Phone Home Jonah
    Where's the truth

  • The Shape of Things Album (10/1/2000)
  • Apocalypse Now Album (8/24/1999)
  • Datapanik in Year Zero Album (8/1/1996)
  • Ray Gun Suitcase Album (8/19/1995)
  • Story of My Life Album (4/1/1993)
  • Worlds in Collision Album (4/1/1991)
  • One Man Drives While the Other Man Screams Album (8/1/1989)
  • Cloudland Album (5/1/1989)
  • The Tenement Year Album (3/1/1988)
  • Terminal Tower Album (8/1/1985)
  • Song of the Bailing Man Album (8/1/1982)
  • 390┬░ of Simulated Stereo Album (3/1/1981)
  • The Art of Walking Album (6/1/1980)
  • New Picnic Time Album (9/1/1979)
  • Dub Housing Album (11/1/1978)

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    If you like... | Reviewer: Durval Mazzei
        ------ About the album The Modern Dance performed by Pere Ubu

    If you like intelligence on rock'n roll, please, listen this album. Songs sounds the more expressive punk rock (nonalignment pact or modern dance) and avant-garde songs like 'like stinks' or 'over my head'. Beutiful drum and bass work, creative guitar and keyboards.

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