Pepper Lyrics

Yesod Williams - Drums / Kaleo Wassman - Guitar & Vocals /
Bret Bollinger - Bass & Vocals

Enter Kona, Hawaii. Think lush natural landscape, divine
inspiration and kids with nothing to do except find the
next rage and invent slicker ways to pick up girls. “Its
all about the ladies,” that’s what Pepper said in eighth
grade at the bus stop imitating rappers of the day to try
out their game. Bret (Bass/Vocals) and Kaleo’s
(Guitar/Vocals) musical inspiration began there. And the
rest is More...

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Review about Pepper songs
lyric corrections | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Undone performed by Pepper

And all that you've done is *undone*

and I think it says now I'm just *the shirt that you sleep in*
"just as sure that you're sleeping"

pepper | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Green Hell performed by Pepper

Now all your life has been wasted, chasing after me
And now you got the nerve, to come and put it all on me yah
I love how these things come full circle, everytime
Swinging around like a racking ball in your fragile soul
You can run, but the scars you can never hide
Oh your face is giving you away
And the truth hurts more than the matter

he's talking about how its not fair for the girl (probably a groupie) to make him into the bad guy for sleeping w/ her or taking advantage of her, when she got exactly what she wanted. She only wants to be with him because of who he is, and now she got what she wanted and doesn't like it, yet its supposed to be his fault. And if she doesn't confront the fact that she is the one who is setting herself up for this to be happening by going after someone for a shallow reason and expecting to get something real out of it. She's got the nerve to project a problem that is hers onto him. The truth hurts more than the matter, is him explaining that point, saying you can keep projecting your problems onto other people. The "matter" is the current situation that she slept w/ him and he wants nothing more than sex from her, which hurts her, but the truth behind it all (she is putting herself in the situation and can blame no one but herself) will hurt more than the current situation she is in.

Jimmy is a faggot | Reviewer: Skylar (Jesus)
    ------ About the song Give It Up performed by Pepper

wow i know it was 2 years ago, but Jimmy is a fucking fag, people like that are the people who can't see the true values of music, its people like that, that listen to music to be cool, fighting to be a bigger fan than someone else, in my mind i see it as this, your either a fan or not a fan, not like ranks of fanhood and whos cooler than the next fan, why are you gonna argue with someone that shares the same interest as you, people need to grow up

I love Pepper | Reviewer: Jamiely Hidaro
    ------ About the song Zicky's Song performed by Pepper

This is one of the saddest songs ever. I love the guitar solo. I think it adds to the song. It makes it seem more emotional and angry. "I'm not looking for a miracle, just an explanation why about you".

stfu jimmy | Reviewer: kaiego
    ------ About the song Give It Up performed by Pepper

How the hell can you be a poser for liking a song?
I'm betting you haven't even been to see them, and before you say 'oh yeah i saw them in *insert random place here*' remember this NO ONE CARES. why cant you just be a normal person and say you like the song and the band? I'm guessing your a 13 year old who spends all his free time trying to win retarded fights via internet.
I hope you get stabbed in the eye with a glue stick and your balls get caught in a bears mouth (thats assuming you had any in the first place)

Btw i fucking love this song!! havnt seen the guys live but if they come to the uk im there for sure!

paralympics on the net much?

morons | Reviewer: Jimmy
    ------ About the song Give It Up performed by Pepper

Youre all posers. unless you guys have actually gone to see these dudes and you enjoy ALL repeat ALL of their songs and not just this one then you dont like Pepper you just say you like them and have only heard this song, which makes you posers.

I interpreted this song for a writing assignment. Here is part of my paper: | Reviewer: Evan
    ------ About the song Green Hell performed by Pepper

The emotions presented in Green Hell are ones of greed and temptation. The lyrics may show stronger evidence of temptation, though. The story that is told starts out as the narrator, in this case bassist Bret Bollinger, wakes up after possibly a night of partying and making the same mistake he’s made supposedly numerous times before: sleeping with a girl whom he has no feelings for. He seems tired of living a life full of lust, but every time he gets himself into temptation, he can’t resist because of the exterior beauty. “When I saw this place that I couldn’t resist/all these beautiful things, yes I had to persist/When I went to touch them they’d act so tame/But underneath the glitter there was so much pain,” This line is powerful to me, because I believe the storyteller is taking the listener into the depths of what he is thinking. He also repeats the opening line during the course of this song, which describes how he wakes up and sees the girl, who he possibly had just met the night before, the green light shines on his face, which is the greed he gets in his eyes whenever sees a girl he wants to have sex with. He knows that he made a mistake once again, so right before the song breaks down past the intro, he says he can’t wait for her to leave. His greed gets him into trouble because all he wanted was sex, but when the girl talks to him, he realizes that she is opening up to him because she has feelings that he doesn’t return. He states that he wants nothing to do with her problems, but will deal with them because of how physically attractive she is, and that is his “Green Hell.”
The singer also states that he expects everything in the situation to come “full circle,” which means that his lust becomes the girl’s love for him, and he cannot do what he wishes which is to break ties with the girl. When he realizes that he has to hurt the girl to run from her problems, he sings with heartfelt emotion that he can run, but can never hide from her scars, and the truth he has to tell hurts more than the matter, the “matter” being the action of cutting ties with her, and the sun screams louder at night, which means that when she is finally gone, he wants her even more than he did when he had her. This is “Green Hell” for Bret, an act done out of greed and lust that produces a hurt inside him that he tries to get rid of, but he tries to get rid of each girl’s memory by finding another girl who he hopes is filled with less hurt, but it never happens, and he cannot fall in love with a girl to cover up all the bad memories he has produced.

awesome song | Reviewer: Nadya
    ------ About the song Give It Up performed by Pepper

i love this song it brings good memories back its a totally awesome song and pretty damn funny too lol

whatever you want | Reviewer: Geno
    ------ About the song Green Hell performed by Pepper

I love it when you listen to a song and it goes right along with a time in your life. What does it mean? Its up to the individual - its pure art.

    ------ About the song Dirty Hot Sex performed by Pepper

This fuckin song is the greatest I heard this song for the first time while having sex and I laughed my ass off. I love this son and I love pepper.

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