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Rage Against The Machine People Of The Sun Lyrics

Last updated: 07/19/2011 11:00:00 AM

Yeah people come up

Yeah, we better turn tha bass up on this one

Check it,
Since 15 hundred and 16 minds attacked and overseen
Now crawl amidst the ruins of this empty dream
With their borders and boots on top of us
Pullin' knobs on the floor of their toxic metropolis
But how you gonna get what you need ta get?
Tha gut eaters, blood-drenched get offensive like Tet
The fifth sun sets get back reclaim
Tha spirit of Cuahtemoc alive an untamed
Now face tha funk now blastin' out ya speaker
On the one: Maya, Mexica
The vultures came, they tried to steal your name but now you got a gun
Ya this is for the people of the sun

Its comin' back around again
This is for the people of the sun
Its comin' back around again

Its comin' back around again
This is for the people of the sun
Its comin' back around again

Ya never forget that the wipe snapped your back, ya spine cracked for tobacco, I'm the Marlboro man uh
Our past blastin' on through tha verses
Brigades of taxi cabs rolling broadway like hearses
Troops strippin' zoots, shots of red mist, sailors blood on tha deck
Come sista resist
From tha era of terror, check this photo lens
Now the city of angels as they ethnic cleanse
Heads bobbin' to tha funk out ya speaker,
On the one: Maya, Mexica
That vulture came ta try to steal ya name but now you found a gun
You'rehistory, this is for the people of the sun

Its comin' back around again
This is for tha people of tha sun
Its comin back around again

Its comin' back around again
This is for tha people of tha sun
Its comin' back around again

Its comin' back around again
This is for tha people of tha sun
Its comin' back around again

Its comin' back around again
This is for the people of the sun
Its comin' back around

Of the sun

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Recordemos Acteal | Reviewer: Nahui_Ollin | 7/19/11

Hermosas letras y excelente rola de RATM, sin embargo idealizan demasiado al ejercito zapatista ya que entre ellos mismos ha habido muchisimos conflictos (que por lo pronto ya ha estado apaciguados) pero que han intervenido en la separacion de los grupos indigenas, recordar los hechos en el 97' en Acteal Chiapas donde miembros delas mascaras rojas del EZLN irrumpieron a tiros a una iglesia matando a ancianos,niƱos y mujeres.People of the Sun somos todos no solo los grupos indigenas que lamentablemente han sido marginados como si fuera el principio del virreinato...pero somos todos : nosotros los mestizos.

Reality | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/11

Like this song or not, get confused with it become over opinionated with it...ok. To put it into simple terms its about trying to find some sort of spiritually within yourself, or you will die.

" Our past blastic on through the verses, Bridges of taxi cabs rolling through brodeway like herses."

Being mixed with Native American and White Bloood has been an extremly painful and horrific experience in my life at times, being torn between two cultures and this song expresses a lot of those emotions. Please don't use this song as an oppurtunity to verbally assault each other whether your ethnic or not, this song is better than that.

@Time to fight: | Reviewer: sebastian | 4/2/11

@Time to fight:
hey Mr. Chicano, to americans you are considered white not mexican, you were born hear so if we go by what you say you're the first one to die :)
you missed the meaning of this song, which tells you have no idea about My country's History. we have no relations with the CORRUPT VENEZUEAN GOVERNEMENT that peverted the idea of COMMUNISM, same goes for the CUBANS. EZLN is a revolutionary group who is against governments who step on the indigenous people, the imperialist, the CAPITALIST... let me put it an a language you can understand homeboy...
u no real mexican, u make white people dislike us, u waste of sperm

You're an idiot | Reviewer: You're an idiot | 12/20/10

@Time to fight: This song is about the entire history of Mexico and the Zapista movement. The Spanish (hence 1516) all the way to the Mexican Government shitting on the southernmost areas of Mexico (Zapistas). This doesn't have anything to do with killing whites or rebellion against whites, you fucking retard. It's about rebellion against Government, ideology, and authoritarians. You interpreted the song wrongly. You fail.

Time to Fight | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/10

Yo time to fight, don't just hate on the white people, My people might not of had the same life your people have but i share the same feelings as you brotha, Freedom thats it. Real Freedom, not this illusion we live it.

Time to fight | Reviewer: Time to fight | 8/11/10

Yeah, time to fight has came. The White Anglo racists are trying to pass laws to harass us chicanos, but we got our AK47s that were smuggled through the everglades by our cuban brothers in Florida, a gift from our Papa Chavez... Now is time to kill the whites, the Republicans, the cops, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the Tea Partiers. We are Americans, but we are Aztlan and we going to burn your stupid flag and raise the Aztec flag again. That is the time when the US will die and the Chicano nation will raise. Death to all the Whites! Death to Arizona! I got my US passport because I was born here and no White cop will notice until I blow his brain with my gun!

People of the Sun | Reviewer: Andres Demarchi | 4/8/10

I am going to Mexico in a few weeks..this song reminds me of how rich Mexican culture really is. So when I'm rolling through the ruins in teotihuacan, tepozlan, and palenque I'm gonna remember this song and feel a different level of connection with the natives

more of a comment | Reviewer: Adebisi | 2/19/09

Man first check your spellin please. The problem with any movement occurs often when the people supporting it seem retarded. If you're a non-native english speaker then i can't complain.

Second; yeah you're right. This track makes the blood boil and could also make you jump work to go graffiti obama's car. A friend of mine, back in the day was a dj. Zach appeared from nowhere during a MC battle and shredded everyone. Definitely a rare breed ;p

arm the homeless | Reviewer: rockstaryan | 2/14/09

This is rage against the machines clearest statement. The first song on the follow up debut that just shreds your face off. A mix done so well that an ecleptic blend of hip hoppers and hard rockers can both bounce there necks to.

Its also lyrically strong with the astec references compared to modern day government. It sounds so primative but its a powerful reminder of how very real it is. I've had the pleasure of hearing this one live straight from zachs mouth. It really is an amazingly great song. (Not to mention it gets followed up by a lil' "come wit it now!")

i wish | Reviewer: Daniel Fonseca | 2/26/07

i wish my people here in mexicu undertood this lyics and could look back to the past, to their history, set their mind free, and do something for themselves, to not repeat the mistakes from the past