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Ultramagnetic MC's People Can Talk Lyrics

Last updated: 03/13/2007 12:00:00 PM

(Kool Keith)
When flick, flick, flow, flow, Niggaz know I'm no joke
Can I get a deal, Can I rhyme you dumb slow poke?
I'm not the wicky one, heavy like a mega-ton
I got a shell and a pretty black shotgun
The four Horseman, the big endorsmant
I do my dirty work and travel when cross them
Don't call me Rocky ?, a white band with a black rappiano
People got a round on my "pee pee" penis
I stomp out quick, you catch a porno flick
I got a major label hoppin' on my drumstick
I kick anus, I rock a rectum
Who's the A&R, Disrespect 'em
I see brother get down and sign a wack group
You Uncle Tom?, you black froot loop
So what you know about rap you little fairy?
Critics can walk and suck my "wee wee" okay!
I drop bombs like a ? times, Rappers are wack you paid 'em 40 G's

[Chorus repeat x4]People can talk, say what they want

(TR Love)
Hey! I'm over here and overthere
Been Everywhere, take a ? stare
glance and then compare, wheres your ears boy?
You know the top choice, you know you can't front with me cause now I got the voice
Here a here I come, not the wannabe's, AC/DC's and the Bee Gee's.
Groups that can't rap, groups that can't sing
Groups that have a gimmick, or image or other things
My name ain't Quail, my name ain't Bush
A 4 H M, a superstar a mega ?
The ? like dog, with suckers on my cock
You know I got the flava, so why you got the foogies?
Sham, buddy

[Chorus repeat x4]
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