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Chained within the mythical realms of primeaval black/death
metal, so graciously unveiled in the early 80's by hallowed
cults such as Venom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Possessed,
Messiah, Destructi­on, Necrovore, Bathory, Treblinka,
Slaughter (CAN) and Necrophagia, Pentacle's sepul­chral
tribute, to this unforgotten legacy, started back in winter
'89/'90 when Mi­ke (gui­tar), Wannes (bass/vocals) and Marc
(drums) joined for­ces...

Entangled in the growing urge to inspire their own roaring
metal quest, Pentacle soon developed a highly More...

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Reviews about Pentacle songs

well done, for nothing. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Legion Of Doom performed by Pentacle

these two songs, the quiet things that noone ever knows and screaming infidelities are by my two of favourite bands and i dont know why they would even try to combine them.

and it only sounds like they sang the last verse and just mixed the rest.

well done legion of doom, you have successfully ruined two great songs.

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