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Formed by guitarist Fletcher Dragge and late bassist Jason
Thirsk in 1988, PENNYWISE rose to prominence in the midst
of the mid-nineties punk revival. Offering an alternative
to their grunge-addled peers, PENNYWISE deliver a positive
transcendental message of self-reliance. “Our music exists
solely to inspire people,” notes singer and chief lyricist
Jim Lindberg. “We want people to hear our music and feel
empowered by it.”

On their seventh studio release LAND OF THE FREE?,
PENNYWISE have turned their attention toward the issues of More...

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Review about Pennywise songs
Missing lines! | Reviewer: Wheresmycake
    ------ About the song Searching performed by Pennywise

Missing a couple lines from the chorus:

Tonight I will rage against the forces of fate
The tide is turning my way
You should know better than to f*ck with me
Tonight I will rage against the forces of fate
You best get outta my way
I'm not gonna fade away slowly

love this song | Reviewer: ashee
    ------ About the song Bro Hymn performed by Pennywise

such a heart felt song, in the last year our group has lost a few people sadly all in their early 20s... at every party or get together, without a doubt, this song is played, every1 gets up and sings, dances, headbangs etc... tis always a great moment of rememberance when this song is played... thank you to Kev Stang for teaching me something new about the song. i originally had the general idea but didnt know about the details you provided. thank you:)

Great song. Great pit as well. | Reviewer: piss off
    ------ About the song Bro Hymn performed by Pennywise

Excellent song. Now, to business.

stacey - You are a young f%cking retard. Please learn your music, even learn to read, or don't comment on anything . Kev Stang tried to help you a bit by posting some of the songs history two comments before yours but I'm going to assume you are too f%cking stupid to read. Let me help you with the different versions...

"Canton, Colvin, Nichols, this one's for you"
originally by Jason, for his friends who died in a car accident.

"Jason Matthew Thirsk this one's for you"
after Jason passed, in fact his bro sings the last verse in many versions of this song

And now on to other business.

Anthony, you are a f%cking retard as well. More so than stacey. And a philly 'tard to boot. Sux to be you. Fuck Philly... AKA Sh!tOnYaSelfia. You asswipes spit on opponents cheerleaders & players wives, and then boo dead children. Fuck your mom and then die. ASAP. Philly = dregs of humanity.

Let's go FLY-ERS! | Reviewer: Anthony
    ------ About the song Bro Hymn performed by Pennywise

Do any of you West Coast people realize that for a couple of years now, that Bro Hymn is the goal song of the Philadelphia Flyers, the greatest team playing the greatest game in the greatest city on earth?

Tribute | Reviewer: Brad
    ------ About the song Bro Hymn performed by Pennywise

These are the lyrics for the tribute version dedicated to Jason. It's now played at the end of every Pennywise show in commemoration. The original names in place of Jason's name we're "Canton, Colvin, Nichols."

tribute | Reviewer: brian forge
    ------ About the song Bro Hymn performed by Pennywise

I just lost a close fan and a huge fan of my music to a self inflicted gunshot wound. My project will be covering this, with our crowd. Never has a song been so fitting... RIP Robby Adelfson (1981-2009)

Hmmm | Reviewer: stacey
    ------ About the song Bro Hymn performed by Pennywise

Thats weird. I have a different version of this song. I mean its still basically the same but idk its just diff. Like it deff doesnt say the dudes nae in the first verse or anything like that. But whatevvv still a good ass song

the Ducks | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bro Hymn performed by Pennywise

yea so the Ducks use it for whenever they score and whatnot. So what they like the song how can you not its so catchy. Its notlike they offend the dearly departed, its just a damn good song! Go Ducks! even if you lost your first 4 games... ='(

Bro Hymn Tribute | Reviewer: Kev Stang
    ------ About the song Bro Hymn performed by Pennywise

Jason Matthew Thirsk (December 25, 1967 – July 29, 1996) was the former bass player of the California punk rock band Pennywise. Thirsk, who had been in rehabilitation for alcoholism and who had also suffered from major depression, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 28. The band, however, decided to continue and brought in bass guitarist Randy Bradbury from One Hit Wonder. The band then set about writing an album of new material which was made up of mostly anti-suicide messages. One of Pennywise's most popular songs, Bro Hymn, was originally written by Thirsk as a tribute to three of his friends, Tim Colvin, Carlos Canton, and Tom Nichols, who died in a car accident. The band re-recorded the song after his death as a tribute to their fallen bandmate, replacing the line "Canton, Colvin, Nichols, this one's for you" with "Jason Matthew Thirsk, this one's for you", and renaming the track Bro Hymn Tribute. It appears as the final track on Full Circle released in 1997, and also live on Live @ the Key Club, released in 2000. Justin Thirsk, Jason's brother and drummer from 98 Mute appears on the re-recording both on drums and vocals.

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bro Hymn performed by Pennywise

I dedicate this song to my lovely friend gigi :) It's our sisterhood song! Love you "G" I know you'll be at their next concert with me in spirit!

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