Pennywise Albums

  • Yesterdays Album (7/15/2014)
    What You Deserve
    Restless Time
    Noise Pollution
    Violence Never Ending
    Am Oi!
    She's A Winner
    Slow Down
    Public Defender
    No Way Out
    I Can Remember

  • All or Nothing Album (5/1/2012)
    All or Nothing
    Waste Another Day
    Stand Strong
    Let Us Hear Your Voice
    Seeing Red
    Songs of Sorrow
    X Generation
    We Have It All
    All Along
    We Are the Fallen
    Locked In

  • Reason To Believe Album (4/1/2008)
    (Intro) As Long As We Can
    One Reason
    Faith And Hope
    Something To Live For
    All We Need
    The Western World
    We'll Never Know
    Nothing To Lose
    It's Not Enough To Believe
    You Get The Life You Choose
    Brag, Exaggerate & Lie
    Die For You

  • The Fuse Album (8/9/2005)
    Knocked Down
    Yell Out
    Competition Song
    Take A Look Around
    6th Avenue Nightmare
    The Kids
    Fox TV
    Stand Up
    Premeditated Murder
    Best I Can
    18 Soldiers
    Million Miles

  • From The Ashes Album (9/9/2003)
  • Land Of The Free? Album (3/1/2001)
  • Straight Ahead Album (6/1/1999)
  • Full Circle Album (4/22/1997)
  • About Time Album (6/9/1995)
  • Unknown Road Album (8/17/1993)
  • Wildcard/ A Word From the Wise Album (4/1/1992)
  • Pennywise Album (9/12/1991)
  • A Word From The Wise Album (5/1/1989)

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    Reviews about Pennywise albums

    Great All Round | Reviewer: Dave
        ------ About the album From The Ashes performed by Pennywise

    This album is great in all aspects of music. It has good fast guitar rifs and mad bass lines topped off with extreme drumming and singing. Great catchy songs makes this album a must have for pennywise fans

    best | Reviewer: grasser
        ------ About the album Full Circle performed by Pennywise

    more than likely the best Pennywise album ever to be made. past, present and future
    if you have something wrong with you

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