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Pencey Prep were a band formed from the ex- members of
local punk hero's Sector 12 (Riverside Riot Records) Stick
Figure Suicide (Umbilical/Reinforcement Records). Pencey
Prep were a rare mix of Punk, Emo, and Indie Rock, the
bands line up includes 2 guitars, keyboards, bass, drums,
and vocals and has been compared to the band The
Anniversary, minus the girl singer. In former bands these
guys have played with everyone from The Bouncing Souls &
Saves the Day to H20 & Orange 9mm, in addition to 2 years
on the Vans Warped Tour and it More...

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Review about Pencey Prep songs
Unexplainable... | Reviewer: Emma
    ------ About the song Attention Reader performed by Pencey Prep

Pencey Prep is/was an amazing and talented...sorta pure band.
Yes I found out about them mostly because of MCR but also because of my close friend who told me to listen to this song. And man you should have seen my face the first time I listened to this, I was smiling like an idiot. Not only because, damn Frank is hot, but because the music told a story to me and his voice just sounded/sounds like pure gold. And it's amazing to me that people can call this crap, the dude is meant for punk rock music and this song shows that. So does all his other work, and he is the main reason me and a few of my friends covered them at a school talent show (witch was a while ago and we didn't sing this we sang Florida Plates) and why I know play guitar. I hope to here more of his music like this including some of the things he's already put out. X Frank~love your music!

Touching and Beautiful | Reviewer: Our last kiss
    ------ About the song Florida Plates performed by Pencey Prep

Loved Pency Prep since a friend of mine told me about them.
This being the first song I Listend too from them, it pulls a lot of heart strings.
Oh how I wish I could have seen them live, I love his natural singing voice, it just makes me happy when I hear him sing. X Frankie Boy(:

this song is a masterpiece | Reviewer: Glass
    ------ About the song The Secret Goldfish performed by Pencey Prep

and I cannot agree with those, who say that frank is better guitarist than singer. The fact that his voice isn't perfect makes all Pencey's songs sound so raw and honest, that would never be possible with singer who sings just properly. And if any of you like the way he sings you can give a try to Bright Eyes, Pencey Prep gots a lot of their sound:)

*__* | Reviewer: Amber
    ------ About the song Yesterday performed by Pencey Prep

This song is amazing :3 I fricken love Pencey. Frank's vocals are not the best, and they probably shouldn't be considered good, but somehow, they are! His voice works well with the songs. It's truly spectacular.

:) | Reviewer: That Kid With the Face
    ------ About the song 8th Grade performed by Pencey Prep

The strange thing is, although I love My Chem, Leathermouth and Pencey Prep, I discovered Pencey Prep first, when I was about thirteen, by complete accident. I heard them once, liked them, but never really filed the name into my memory. I discovered My Chem at the age of fourteen, and Leathermouth the following year.

All the while, never knowing the connection.

The beautiful thing about Pencey Prep, in my opinion, is that although Frank's voice is slightly nasal, there's a poeticness to the lyrics that, at least for me, puts everything in perspective. It's present with Leathermouth too (that's why I'm surprised I didn't notice this before). The poetry in My Chem's music is a whole different style... I don't see why people compare the two aside from the somewhat similar sounds.

OHMYGODwhatiswrongwithpeople | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song P.S. - Don't Write performed by Pencey Prep

This is a good song, whether or not you like the band or Frank or whatever. I think he's good. And honestly if people don't have nice things to say, why are you saying them? Geez. Honestly I really enjoy PP, MCR, AND LeATHERMOUTH. Not because I'm a fangirl (I'm a girl fan, trust me BIG difference) but because my friend told be Frank was in them and I should check them out. So I did and they sound good. I think it's better for his voice to sound the way it does because of the fact that it's different, and it sounds good different. And btw, mcr isn't emo or whatever. They've said it many times. And someone liking a band is an opinion, and for you telling them it's completely wrong, makes you wrong for doing so. That is all...

Thanks | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Yesterday performed by Pencey Prep

This song is actually helping me so much right now as well as some other Pencey Prep and MCR songs. I'm begining to realize I have nothing to change about me. This is who the fuck I am.
"I think of running away
I can't keep running away
I can't keep feeling the same
I can't keep taking the blame
I wanna run with you
I don't care what we do
Gotta get out of here
Because it feels like yesterday"

<3 | Reviewer: Alayna Nikole
    ------ About the song Heroine Slow performed by Pencey Prep

I LOVE this song its got a great set of lyrics to it and the music just adds to the beauty of the song. I love all the songs I have listened to from pencey prep. I agree with Alice if it weren't for MCR not many people would have heard of Pencey Prep.

Fucking Love it! | Reviewer: ME! 8D
    ------ About the song Yesterday performed by Pencey Prep

I love this song, it's absolutely amazing, it makes me feel like I'm not wrong and I want to run away with you :D! ok not .__. But I think it's a beautiful song that makes me feel strange, like sad and nostalgic, and, at the same time, positive and more in love than ever <3 (now, without jokes LOL. And, in my opinion, Frankie (*o*) hasn't got fat :S. However, if he was ugly, I wouldn't care he's still wooonderfuuul!!! Please, if you think that he's turning less sexy with time, check out some recent images from MCR. (he looks amaaaziiingg!!)
I love pencey prep, I miss them!!

ehh | Reviewer: asojasdf
    ------ About the song P.S. - Don't Write performed by Pencey Prep

I wouldnt say his voice is great, but its got a unique sound to it. Not so much in thsi song. But songs like Home and Yesterday, his voice is... idk, cute. I still love it, whether it "sucks" or not, haha

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