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Jonathan Thulin Peeta Lyrics

Last updated: 03/02/2013 07:22:52 AM

1: I wanna live bake the bread and pour the wine
I wanna love all the world and all that's mine
I wanna dream precious pearls and Everdeen
I wanna fight for the right I know is mine

Pre Chorus: And go where the wind blows,
And go where the wind blows

Chorus: Don't you wanna go, show them what you're made of
Anywhere it takes us, go, following the war drum
Anything for freedom

2: I wanna bleed, bleed the blood of harmony
I wanna shout so all can hear my battle cry
I wanna break all the hands that hold me down
I wanna fly to that district in the sky

Pre Chorus:


Bridge: May the odds be in our favor tonight
As we show the world, change the world
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