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Pedro The Lion Biography

Last updated: 05/14/2010 12:00:00 PM

Pedro the Lion is kind of like the Lemonheads in that they realease album after album, yet the lineup rarely stays the same for long. When they released their first album, the "Whole EP", in 1997, Pedro the Lion were David Bazan, Nick Peterson, Tim Schiefer, Travis Smith, and Brian Olson.

Eventually, all but David and Nick left the group. David played bass for a while, and after they released a limited edition acoustic 7-inch with Blake Wescott, Nick left and David joined up with Johnathon Ford of Roadside Monument. Together they recorded the critically acclaimed "It's Hard to Find a Friend". Johnathon played bass and David playing guitar and drums. They recruited Ben Brubaker to play drums on tour. Then around the end of summer 1998, Johnathon decided to move to Chicago. Last I heard, he was living at JPUSA and playing in a band called Scientific.

Josh Golden then joined the group on bass and after a good bit of touring, Pedro released "The Only Reason I Feel Secure", a 5 song EP. After another tour, Ben left the group under good terms and Nick Peterson rejoined the band as the drummer for a while, but recently, Josh and Nick left leaving David to carry on alone.