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Hank Snow Pearly Shells Lyrics

Last updated: 11/17/2010 10:00:00 AM

Written by John Kalapana-Leonpobar
Recorded by Hank Snow

Pearly Shells,from the ocean.
shining in the sun,covering up the shore
When I see them my heart tells me that I love you,More than all the
little pearly shells.
For every grain of sand upon the beach,
I got a kiss for you.And I've got more left over,
for each star,that twinkles in the blue,h
Pearly Shells,from the ocean,shining in te sun,
covering up the shore,
When I see them,My heart tells me that I love you ,
More than all the little Pearly Shells
For every grain of sand upon the beach,
I've got a kiss for you,and I've got more left over,
for each star that twinkles in the blue.
Pearly Shells,from the ocean,shining in the sun.
covering up the shore,when I see them.
My heart tells me that I love you ,
more than all the little Pearly Shells
more than all te little Pearly Shells

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pearly Shells updated | Reviewer: Bonnie Flach | 11/17/10

In Kindergarten class in 1965 (Ma'ili elementary) we sang it: Pearly Shells, from the ocean, washed upon the shore, shining in the sun, as in, it fit better from the hawaiian language translation. Mrs. Okuno, our teacher would sing it and play her ukelele and we would be required to repeat it. We sang it in a round...pearly shells, pearly shells, from the ocean, from the ocean etc. We also learned the hula that went with the song, but I can not remember the dance. I am 50 now and it brings back good memories. Thanks for providing. Bonnie Flach

Pearly Shells lyrics update | Reviewer: Bonnie Flach | 11/17/10

I learned this song in Kindergarten at Ma'ili elementary school, Oahu Hawaii in 1965 and our teacher Mrs. Okuno played her ukelele and taught it to us. She would sing it first and then we would repeat her. I believe that it went..... shining in the sun, "washed upon the shore" vice covering up the shore. Wow what sweet memories. I am now 50 years old this year and I still remember that song.

Pearly shells, bring back a very brilliant childhood memories | Reviewer: Lourdes Del Rosario McAlester | 10/30/10

I've been singing and dancing with this song as far as I am 5 or six years old. I went for my hawaian dance lessons during that age and pearly shell is one of my favorites. I will be 45 years old at the end of the year and still couldn't forget the steps of this song but i could not remember all the lyrics, thank you for finding it here because I started to teach my 5 year old daughter Paris the steps of pearly shell so she can perform it in school.Paris is such a natural, she got the steps and tune after the very first time I showed her.Thanks for the Lyrics now I can sing it completely while Paris dance.