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Mediaeval Baebes Pearl Lyrics

Last updated: 12/26/2007 11:00:00 AM

The dubbement dere of downand dales
Of wode and water and wilon plaines
Bilde in me bliss, abated my bales
Forbidden my stress, destryd my paines
Down after a strem that drightly hales
I bowed in bliss, bredful my braines
The firre I folwed those floty vales
The more strength of joye myn herte straines
As fortune fares theras ho fraines
Whether solace ho sende other elles sore
The wye to wham hir wille ho waines
Hittes to have ay more and more

More of welle was in that wise
Than I couthe tellethough I tom hade
For erthely herte might not suffise
To the tenthe dolehr of tho gladnes glade
For thy I thoght that paradise
Was thereother gain tho bonkes brade
I hoped the water were a devise
Between mirithes by meres made
Beyonde the brook, by slentother slade
I hoped that mote merked wore
Bot the water was depe, I dorst not wade
And ever me longed ay more and more

More and more and yet wel mare
Me liste to see the brook beyonde
For if hit was faire there I can fare
Well loveloker was the firre londe
Aboute me con I stote and stare
To finde a forth faste con I fonde
Bot wothes mo ywis there ware
The firre I stalked by the stronde
And ever me thought I sholde not wonde
For wo there weles so winne wore
Thenne newe note me com on honde
That meved my minde ay more and more