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Pearl Jam, Formed Seattle, 1990.

The genesis of Pearl Jam was rooted in chance and tragedy.
Stone Gossard
(guitar) and Jeff Ament (bass) had both been members of
seminal grungers Green River, and later MOTHER LOVE BONE
with ex-Malfunkshun member, Andrew Wood, on vocals. When
Wood died of an overdose, his longtime friend Chris Cornell
(of Soundgarden) put together a tribute project called
TEMPLE OF THE DOG (1991) -- Gossard, Ament and new recruit
Mike McCready(guitar) were roped in, as was Eddie Vedder
(vocals), who had provided More...

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Review about Pearl Jam songs
    ------ About the song Wishlist performed by Pearl Jam

This GREAT song marvelously performed by Eddie Wedder is dedicated to my new love Rosalba.

There are another three phrases that I simply love of this song and they are:

"I wish I was as fortunate, as fortunate as me"

"I wish I was the pedal break that you depended on"

"I wish I was the verb "to trust", and never let you down"

Rosalba, enjoy this song, it is for you. With LOVE.

    ------ About the song Yellow Ledbetter performed by Pearl Jam

I love all versions of the song. Hearing live sounds the best to me anyways. Before I knew what the song was really about, my ex girlfriend and I use to play it all the time with each other Thinking it was a love song. Long story short, the girl and I split. After a year of not talking she called me out of the blue with Yellow Ledbetter playing in the back ground on the radio. She then hung up on me and until this day we have not spoken. She was defiantly the one I let get away. I'll stop with my sob story. I added my own lyrics to the song in relation to our relationship. It goes with the live version. Please forgive me if you think I ruined it.

Powerful | Reviewer: RedFoxRun
    ------ About the song Love, Reign O'er Me performed by Pearl Jam

This version is so powerful, it actually rained locally one week after it was played on the radio during a major drought. It is spiritually moving and Vetter's refrain "Rain on me" so beautifully conveys the emotional anguish when without love ... when without rain.

ledbetter deeper meaning | Reviewer: james ledbetter
    ------ About the song Yellow Ledbetter performed by Pearl Jam

How unusual is the name ledbetter so there is where you must start His name is Eddie which I find interesting. There was an Eddy Ledbetter she livied around 1645 in Virigina she was married to the very first ledbetter in this country in 1636 I'm sure a lot of wives have seen a lot of death and their husbands and sons not coming home but I'm not sure that's what he is trying to say I think he's trying to tell somebody something. and what's so sad is that all boys and husbands are dying for the one % way of life.

Of the album | Reviewer: Rob
    ------ About the song Of The Girl performed by Pearl Jam

The band is the best. My favorite... Amazing album and but for sure just an orginal song. One I listened too many times. Agree compelty with the post above.

Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Porch performed by Pearl Jam

"If I knew that I would never ever touch you, hold you, feel you, in my arms, ever again." Glad this site got them mostly right. The actual PJ Ten Club site butchers these written lyrics. Surprising because the words (and record) are pretty powerful.

if it was good ? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Even Flow performed by Pearl Jam

I do remember when the album came out. Another seattle "grunge" band. and everyone jumped on the new thing. sorry every band and every song sounds the same. and none of it is any good. Then we are pelted with the remixes as is that is supposed to help. And for all of the people that their level of intelligence can not exceed streams of profanity to communicate please refrain. that means keep it to yourself.

music is poetry.. | Reviewer: kitten
    ------ About the song Black performed by Pearl Jam

All lyrics are laid out for you, your mind and heart choose the meaning... artist don't want you to know what they were going through ..... they just want you to relate and incorporate your own passion and story.

wow | Reviewer: KJ
    ------ About the song Sirens performed by Pearl Jam

Wow wow wow yet another amazing Lovesong by the greatest band in the world... Pearl Jam!!

RIP Andy... I can just picture it now Andy up there asking God why did I have to die young and God says you know what Andy mother love bones really good but wait to you hear Pearl Jam!!!

Thank you so much Eddie Mike Stone Jeff Matty Boone For all the wonderful wonderful incredible music that has enhanced my life for over 20 years now love you guys so much!!

my mom | Reviewer: daisy valle
    ------ About the song Daughter performed by Pearl Jam

This song hits home because my grandma was abusive to my mom. She would trash her room and make her clean it,was mean and it traumatized my mom. This song makes my mom cry, she is wonderful and is nothing like my grandma. I always say that this song is for her and about her, but it will never be for me. I love her she is my best friend.

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