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Red Hot Chili Peppers Pea Lyrics

Last updated: 06/20/2011 11:00:00 AM

I am a little pea
I love the sky and the trees
I'm a teeny tiny little ant
Checking out this and that
I am nothing
So you have nothing to hide
And I'm a pacifist
So I can fuck your shit up
Oh yeah I'm small
Oh yeah I'm small

Fuck you asshole
You homophobic redneck dick
You're big and tough and macho
You can kick my ass
So fucking what (x4)

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flea the man | Reviewer: Dave | 6/19/11

you can tell that flea has a had experiences that have made him look at what actually defines a 'man' and this song is the conclusion of his inner thoughts... therefore a powerful song... it questions masculinity and the value of this trait... there is so much strength in being a pacafist! Flea - YOU DA MAN

pretty awesome | Reviewer: ~~ | 10/12/09

Love these lyrics!! lol funny how he makes his voice sound small as well, to go with the words.. I think this song is awesome, and it's pretty easy to see what it's about.
First time I heard it I was listening to Under The Bridge, then this song came on, and I pissed myself the whole way through. Good on em!!

Review. | Reviewer: Jaxon | 4/23/07

Flea got bashed because of his pink hair, paritially what this is about.

hi | Reviewer: abi tb | 1/31/07

i don't know what a reveiw is but i think this song is the best song ever actually i also LOVE there songs aeroplane and around the world