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Pavement's Stephen Malkmus has admitted that the seminal US
rockers are currently "resting in peace" as he launches a
solo career.

Malkmus, who returns to guitar world with his self-titled
debut album in February, has attempted to put the record
straight about Pavement, who have agreed to split for the
foreseeable future.

Speaking to Billboard in the US, Malkmus explained: "It's
over, as far as we know. It could pick-up steam in a few
years or a few decades, but I don't know. I promise I won't
bring it back for at least five years. More...

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Reviews about Pavement songs

just look at the album cover | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Silence Kid performed by Pavement

the songs title as on the cover of crooked rain is very clearly written as 'silence kit' i fail to see how there is any room for error. there has never been any debate about it. the lyrics here are also very wrong.

Nostalgia? | Reviewer: Sam B
    ------ About the song Gold Soundz performed by Pavement

I think I can actually abstract some meaning from this. Usually their songs seem to be about absolutely nothing but parts of this seem to have some meaning. He says "and you're the kind of girl i like
because you're empty and i'm empty
and you can never quarantine the past" I think he means that she has never really fallen in love and this way he wont have to compete with a previous relationship because you can never quarentine the past. I think it goes in with the general theme of nostalgia in the song. like he is remembering why he liked this girl and the "gold soundz" in general.

Best Pavement track? | Reviewer: Ruskki
    ------ About the song The Hexx performed by Pavement

I think its thier best. Super moody and cut back with Malkmus' awesome lyrics laid over it. Gold!

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