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SOMETIME in the middle of 1997, Paula Cole began to sense
that her relative anonymity was becoming a thing of the
past. "People would say to me, 'You look so much like Paula
Cole!'" remembers the singer, songwriter, and pianist. "It
happened around the corner from me here in New York City,
and it happened to me in Orlando. The first time I was very
honest: 'Oh, well, I am Paula Cole.' The second time, I
played it cool — 'Oh, really?' — and moved on."

These days, millions know who Cole is, thanks to the
ubiquitous pop-noir hit, More...

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    ------ About the song I Don't Want to Wait performed by Paula Cole


What this song means | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? performed by Paula Cole

I don't think most people here are getting it. This song is supposed to be warning women about what happens when you give up yourself to the nostalgic dream of a "cowboy" who will take care of you, happily becoming dependent from him (paying all the bills is all he does). What happens is life goes on, he will eventually get bored of you (stops noticing her), get on with his own life (new job, new friends) and you'll be left alone and powerless wandering where you went wrong and complaining about the lack of "real" cowboys. Sadly many girls are raised to think this way , waiting for the "prince" or the "cowboy", and most of them end up unhappy.

Haunting , poignant melody | Reviewer: Waldo
    ------ About the song Hush, Hush, Hush performed by Paula Cole

Moments ago I caught Herbie Hancock's Possibilities on TV moments, it was wonderful & I'm ordering the CD. I was enchanted by Annie Lennox's rendering of this tune. I needed to see these lyrics which had them interpreting the song several different ways until they learned the composer wrote it about a dying friend.
Also, the array of stellar guest artists were mind blowing; most were new to me.

granitethunder | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Don't Want to Wait performed by Paula Cole

This song is beautiful, and way, way ahead of its time. It deals with a woman who truly loves her husband who is suffering the physical wounds received in 1944 and emotional scars of war and her struggle to keep their family and happier times alive, and preserve the warmth of family. Truly a brilliant song.

The main aspect...? | Reviewer: dee
    ------ About the song Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? performed by Paula Cole

Whenever I hear this song, I think it shows a general dilemma known everywhere and here it is:
Woman who dream of a cowboy tend to like his wildness, his independece, roughness, his lonesome-wolf-ness. He's a "real man" in a traditional sense. They want him. The only problem is, once you have him, you start "taming" him which is what these women secretly want. The cowboy who then becomes part of a relationship can't remain an independent lonesome cowboy at the same time. And if he did, he'd hurt his woman because she has all kinds of needs. But when he's "tamed", settled-down, he's not anymore the cowboy that she wanted. It's an paradox but makes perfect sense.

I think in the beginning of the song she meets him while he still is a cowboy or close to one. Then he sort of settles down (job other than cowboy, friends, bars) but on his inside, he always keeps his independence - he doesn't get close to her and keeps her emtionally at bay.
And to her, he's not a cowboy anymore (b/c he actually isn't) but only a cold man who leaves her lonesome (he'd probably say: "I'm independent, what does she want?").
Stupidly enough, she doesn't realize the paradox and goes on to dream of a REAL cowboy, a REAL hero who'll rescue her out of this situation. Cause this one really didn't pan out. She doesn't get it.

notes | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? performed by Paula Cole

Fully agree with some posters .. and wonder about the relationships of others. Even when a man has a hard day, or a woman has a hard day. Its wonderful to appreciate the one that binds their heart to yours. Life is a beautiful dance, but its a shelter of loneliness, when your partner is missing. Show them you love them, appreciate them. That they are never forgotten in a kiss, in flowers, in sweet words. Remember you only can do this life great once. So make the most of it. Sure have a beer every now and again, go out with friends .. but at least notice them. I would say where have all the cowgirls gone as well.

Touching | Reviewer: Rajesh
    ------ About the song I Don't Want to Wait performed by Paula Cole

Just starting up my first job in nj in mid nineties
- I used to listen this song but did not understand lyrics except for few phrases and words. In fact I started looking for "I don't want to wait" and finally corrected and found on iTunes. I am loving this song even more after knowing lyrics - gives me goose bumps.

Hugs and Love | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? performed by Paula Cole

I totally get what she's saying in this song. I'm in a situation that's similiar. Sure the guy works all day but do you really think the woman has it any easier. EVERYONE wants hugs, love and gratitude. And going to a bar every once in a while is fine, but sometimes you can stay home and appreciate your wife too!

Feelin Love | Reviewer: toni
    ------ About the song FEELIN LOVE performed by Paula Cole

OMG! i was bored, watched "City of Angels" and was impressed with the movie but the sound track had this song. I could not sleep until i found the entire lyrics and this girl Ms. Thang aka Ms. Cole. She is the bomb. i am a fan, girl you got it when you coming to Atlanta. This is so sensual and provocative or lord have mercy as we say in the south. Aint nothin better i want to hear more of her stuff.

Another girl finding things to be angry about... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? performed by Paula Cole

I love the way this song sounded when it first came out, but it was the lyrics that finally killed it for me. Poor guy is out working on his tractor and at the end of the day he's tired. Such is life--she certainly doens't seem to have a thankful spirit in this song. The whole tone of the song is off--like someone said, she's bartering. Too many women these days talk about how HORRIBLE it would be to have to stay home and take care of someone that pays their bills. MY God. I guess its so much better to go to work at some desk job and have people demand things of you there for minimum wage under the lovely glow of florescent lighting and paperwork. No thanks, I'll take my adorable little babies who coo and gurgle where I can have a leisurely coffee break and read a book when all's quiet, or go poke around in the garden with my toddlers playing in the mud. If my husband wants a beer at the end of the day, then go for it! Enjoy your friends, because my day's already been awesome. I do have a cowboy and we do live on a farm. And as is typcial with songs like this, it comes from some modern woman who thinks she knows everything about everyone's life. It gets a little tiresome hearing other women complain about how bad my life with my husband must be. And people wonder why we stay-at-home moms get a little defensive sometimes? Anyone who tells me that putting dishes in a dishwasher and folding clean warm laundry is terrible has some sort of brain damage.

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