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Paula Julie Abdul was born on June 19th, 1963 in San
Fernando, California. The youngest of two daughters born to
Harry and Lorraine Abdul she was inspired at an early age
by the film 'Singing In The Rain', and as a young girl her
ultimate ambition was to be a successful dancer like her
idol Gene Kelly. From the age of nine she undertook dance
lessons where she impressed her teachers with her natural
ability to dance and entertain.

Following graduation Paula appeared on the small screen
when she was just sixteen years old in the 1978 More...

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I write songs, 1,790 so far, many of which Babyface would sing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Knocked Out performed by Paula Abdul

Hi, my name's Kelly Brennan, I'm 45 yrs, old and I write songs intended for pop artists. I've written 1,790 songs so far, I started out writting poetry many years after I was critically injured while delivering Newsday by an uninsured driver named Virginia Quinn. The following day she filed bankrupt of $150,000.00 on a chicken business south of NY and started living in the area of where I deliverd Newsday. This was just the beginning of the hell I've suffered, Walgreens co pharmacys located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida made me suffer much worse. During the first 8 1/2 year we lived there, Walgreens assumed that I was another Kelly Brennan because I naturally have a high pitched voice. She is 20 years younger then me, and we both saw one of the same doctors. I've sufferd severely from the side effects, along with the uti getting worse and almost killing me. I wrote a rap song based on my life, it's Titled,
'HEY I HAVE A STORY'. When I tried sueing Walgreens for malpractise, they screwd with my memory problem. Peter Dubens use to talk on the news 12 station, I called him up and told him my story, he said to send him the facts, and after he was finished, he'd mail them back to me, he never did. After he showed news 12, news 12 contacted Walgreens and fired Peter Dubens, then Walgreens made me sign a confidential agreement stating that if I told anyone within a year, and they found out that I'd have to pay for their court fees, and lawyer fees too.
Walgreens located in Port Saint Lucie, Fl. are not just a friendly drug store which gives the right medications to sick people, they're drug dealers who sometimes make deadly mistakes by giving the wrong medications to people with present term memory losses and screw with their memory problems to try and get away with it without paying for their mistakes.
I'll type the song I wrote based on my life, it's Titled,
'HEY I HAVE A STORY', I took a course on how to write lyrics, all of the originals are written in script to a certain format.
I'll seperate the words into syllables so it's easy to understand the rhythm, I hope that you'll understand it, and learn from as well.

'HE-EY I, HA-AVE A STO-ORY....' a-and so-omething to say,
you life sta-arted o-o-out....A, a okay..
I....was raised in NY..a-and I....I-I had, goals to-oo reach..
The-ey sta-arted to-oo fall, whe-en I....wa-as hit..o-on the-ee street..

See-ee I....deli-iverd, pa-apers..Ti-itle-ed, Newsday, whe-en I....was struck by-y a car, who-ose dri-iver ha-ad strayed my way....she-ee had no insu-urance but....a-a business, do-own south....a-and she we-ent ba-ankrupt the, next day....while I..recieved help...

I....was critically, i-injured....pla-aced in...ICU....
My-y skull a-and my, tai-ailbone broke....i-in 3 pla-aces too........I-I bruised a-all my-y ribs..fractured....5 parts..
of my-y u-upper left arm, ha-ad broke....i-in 1/2 ju-ust a-as well........

My-y-y left si-ide was, pa-aralyzed....from fluid in, my-y brain....whi-i-ich le-eft me-ee a, pro-oblem....reme-embe-ering things........Ca-areer go-oals we-ere ru-uined...what....I
wa-anted, to-oo be.........du-ue to, my-y se-evere.....he-ead

Half comp. he-elped my, fa-amily........8 years whi-ile I-I stayed........then yes I-I had, first love, a-and date...We....inve-ested the, Twe-enty grand....left i-inside, the-ee bank....i-into-oo whe-ere my, hu-usband worked.....wha-at a, mi-istake...
Everything wa-as done, DI-IRTY....bene-eath, the-ee books....
Hi-is pa-artner a-and so-oo ca-alled friend....knew just wha-at i-it took........
He had every-y thing..put in....his name pu-urposely........for tax re-easons, he-ee ha-ad said....he screwd us, i-indeed........
For fi-ive years we, ra-an the-ee place......wi-ithout...Tonys help..see he....was lo-ocked u-up and,pu-ut a-away....insi-ide o-of, a-a cell...I, don't kno-ow why-y he, wa-as, pu-ut in....o-of course, no one said......Ita-allians o-of, the-ee mo-ob keep....facts wi-ithin, the-eir web........

Whe-en I-I finally, re-ealized I....could get...SSD....I wa-anted out, o-of tha-at state....where sca-avange-ers breed..
I nee-eeded, a-a place which, su-u-uited...all..of my-y needs...
Florida-a wa-as the, cho-oice, I-I's ni-icer, i-indeed...Saint Lucie West wa-as the, to-own, I-I chose....but
e-expe-ensive we....had se-ettled in, Sa-aint, Lu-ucie....but who-oo would, ha-ave knew........
Sense I-I a-am a, GI-I-IRL........girls need...physicians...
Linda De-elo was, who-oo I-I saw....and then it, be-egan........

I had se-evere my....abdominals, yo-ou see........
The-ee do-octor had, pre-essumed it...was....a period, i-indeed........he did ta-ake some, tests..but didn't....exa-amine, re-esults....he-ee to-old me-ee to, ta-ake, a-asprin....
thou-ough it...didn't help........
A-a week la-ater, I-I wa-as rushed....into-o I-ICU...with....a
U-UTTI, so, se-evere....the do-octor, ha-ad screwd........
But e-even if, he-ee, di-id right....I'd sti-ill be, a-a wreck..
you see....Walgree-eens had, so-omeone else....who had the, sa-ame name....alre-eady, logged, i-insi-ide their....compu-uter, bu-ut she....was so-omebo-ody else...with different che-emi-istries........
I-I've had e-eighteen, a-acci-idents....while dri-iving, a-around....I-I've past ma-any signs, re-ed lights....just li-ike I-I wa-as blind........I-I've dri-iven, o-off roads..and yes....have crashed i-into trees....I'm lu-ucky no, o-one, wa-as hurt....that's e-exclu-uding me........
I've gained mo-ore then weight....lost great deals, o-of hair........I co-onstantly, fe-e-ell....from everywhere....
My limbs be-ecame, pa-aralyzed....and I-I co-ouldn't see....I-I'm lu-ucky no, o-one wa-as hurt....that's e-exclu-di-ing me........di-ivorce wa-as an i-issue....more times thn, just once....I-I-I felt li-iving, life, no-oo times it, wa-as rough....when I-I finally re-ealized it....was all, WAlgreens fault....I tried ha-ard to, su-ue the-em for....the da-amage, the-ey cost........
They called my-y house, o-once a-again....and a-asked me-ee to-oo bring....any-y facts which, I-I ha-ad

I'll continue this later. Thank You very much ! Walgreens hurt me much worse then when I was hurt, physically, financially emotionally, maritally, ect.

all this love to share and waiting | Reviewer: susie
    ------ About the song Rush Rush performed by Paula Abdul

this song makes me believe that true love is out there waiting for me and i cant wait. So i understand rush rush hurry lover come to me the violin rips my heart to pieces and remind me that i can still feel am truly alive and hurt has not defeated me true love will conquer.....

all this love to share and waiting | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rush Rush performed by Paula Abdul

this song makes believe that true love i out there waiting for me and i cant wait so i understand rush rush hurry lover come to me the violin rips my heart to pieces and remind me that i can still feel am truly alive

powerful love song | Reviewer: G.B.
    ------ About the song Rush Rush performed by Paula Abdul

regardless that the eighties and even early ninties was full of cheezy and unessesary instrumentation, this song can either rip out your heart or fill it with joy. for me it did both in the same day. Paula Abdul is one of the greats for the music she wrote and delivered to millions of souls. Love you Paula

Brings Back Memories! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rush Rush performed by Paula Abdul

I love ths song! The first time I heard it, I was on my first date with my fiance 20 years ago! He was military so this song was perfect for us! The marriage didn't happen, but we have since reconnected, and remain friends. We were reminiscing today, so I decided to listen to "our song". Ahh, what could have been...

Straight Up Rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Straight Up performed by Paula Abdul

I remember when this song first came out. I have to say that Paula knew exactly what she was doing when performing this song. It started back in 1988 and is still one of the most popular songs today. It just makes me want to dance and yet it hold truth with many relationships. You go Paula!!!

i love the song and the video | Reviewer: michelle campbell
    ------ About the song Straight Up performed by Paula Abdul

straight up gets me up and dancing i love to dance to the song and i sing it all the time it is such a cool song and the video is cool too i know how to do the moves and i know the words too well that's it so in the words of the song i gonna say a bye bye bye bye

brilliant | Reviewer: nahrdia
    ------ About the song Opposites Attract performed by Paula Abdul

hey paula i think that your song was great i heard it about a few weeks ago and should of been played more than a week ago that oppersites attract

This song is beautiful | Reviewer: Cherye
    ------ About the song Goodnight, My Love (Pleasant Dreams) performed by Paula Abdul

I am 15 years old...Paula's songs will never be sold out,they will last for ever and ever! Beautiful songs,and i love Blowing kisses in the wind and Vibeology.Paula you rock!

snake | Reviewer: malou
    ------ About the song Cold Hearted performed by Paula Abdul

hey paula abdul! my name is malou i am from denmark??? i love you 4-ever

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