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Duluth to Madison, treatment bound
In the beginning, there were the Replacements from
Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Paul Westerberg (guitar, lead vocals and songwriter); Tommy
Stinson (bass); Bob Stinson (Tommy抯 older half-brother,
guitar) and Chris Mars (drums).

The Replacements (heretofore known as "the Mats") released
their first record on the Twin/Tone label in 1981. "Sorry
Ma Forget to Take Out the Trash" was your basic hard-core
punk thrash on the surface - but there are glimpses of Paul
Westerberg抯 irony and intelligence hiding More...

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WESTERBILLY | Reviewer: Brooke Koleno
    ------ About the song Knocking on Mine performed by Paul Westerberg

Wow--that was pretty amazing. Truly love it!! not sure how I let that one slip by me. I've been carrying an unhealthy love-sick-blues non-negotionable crush around since 1987. Strangely enough, the only other singer that did that thing that the Replacements do to you was Steve Earle. All of the sudden you find yourself crying but you are sooo happy mixed with a little sad and desperate. Weirdest feeling ever. It's some how becomes something that you finally found that you never even knew you were looking for. PW can write and play any style. I love hearing his new sound, I love finding a little honey like Knockin' on Mine, rockabilly, southern bluesy, reminds me a lot of Steve Earle's earlier stuff from Guitar Town and Exit 0. Although the Mats will forever be my all time favorite sickness, there is a whole other side to Paul Westerberg that hasn't even really came out to play yet. He seems happy to be playing, I love his raspy voice, when he cracks his voice, or pauses, his raw emotion is honest and heart felt. He unknowingly pulls our heart strings and makes us love him without trying. The only thing I'm sure of is the that Mats always had "IT" don't think they even realized they had what they had but we all knew. And we waited. No one's waiting around for R.E.M. Ya know? Where did they all go, all those hair bands. They may have left the starting gates a little sooner but for the most part the only requirement was a long permed hair-doo and some spandex. Tommy and Paul just get better and better the older they get. Paul just keeps getting sexier and just brutally attractive. I'm hoping PW will finally be satisfied. He's earned it and owes nobody nothing!

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