Paul Wall Albums

  • Fast Life Album (5/12/2009)
    I Need Mo
    Got To Get It
    Bizzy Body
    Lemon Drop
    I Grind
    Daddy Wasn't Home
    Pop One Of These
    One Hundred
    Pressin' Them Buttons
    I'm Clean
    Sumn' Like A Pimp
    Look At Me Now

  • Get Money Stay True Album (4/3/2007)
    Get Your Paper Up
    Everybody Know Me
    Break 'Em Off
    I'm Throwed
    Call Me What U Want
    On The Grind
    Bangin' Screw
    How Gangstas Roll
    That Fire
    Gimme That
    I'm Real, What Are You?
    I Ain't Hard To Find
    Slidin' On That Oil

  • How To Be A Player Album (2/13/2006)
    Intro (How To Be A Player)
    Who Gives A Fuck Flow
    Drag 'Em In The River Flow
    Major Playa Flow
    The Other Day
    Playa Made
    Play Dirty
    Bounce Back Flow
    All Eyez On Me Flow
    Believe It Or Not Flow
    DJ Michael Watts Interlude
    Sun Don't Shine Flow
    Lick Flow
    Blank Check Flow
    Hustle Hard Flow
    Get It On The Floor Flow
    Game Over Flow
    In My Life Flow
    DJ Michael Watts Interlude
    Game Over
    Girls Droppin' They Draws Flow
    Oh No
    Spitting Game Flow
    Mash For Cash Flow
    They Don't Know
    They Don't Know Flow
    Be Easy Flow
    DJ Michael Watts Interlude
    Still Tippin'
    Too Much Money Flow
    I Can Catch Boppas Flow
    N Luv Wit My Money

  • The People's Champ Album (9/13/2005)
    I'm A Playa
    They Don't Know
    Ridin' Dirty
    State To State
    So Many Diamonds
    Smooth Operator
    Sittin' Sidewayz
    Internet Going Nuts
    Sippin' Tha Barre
    Drive Slow
    March N' Step
    Got Plex
    Big Ballin'
    Sip N Get High
    Just Paul Wall

  • Controversy Sells Album (1/18/2005)
  • Chick Magnet Album (4/13/2004)

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    Reviews about Paul Wall albums
    I finally heard Tha Peoples Champ | Reviewer: Curtis "Bull"
        ------ About the album The People's Champ performed by Paul Wall

    Just a quick shout to let ya'll know that if you continue to make music like that, I will become a fan for life. Finally something out of "H-town" I can be proud of. I was born and raised in the H but moved to Beaumont for work.
    Keep it coming Paul!!!!!!

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