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b. Paul Frederic Simon, 13 October 1941, Newark, New
Jersey, USA. Simon first entered the music business with
partner Art Garfunkel in the duo Tom And Jerry. In 1957,
they scored a US hit with the rock 'n' roll influenced
'Hey, Schoolgirl'. After one album, they split up in order
to return to college. Although Simon briefly worked with
Carole King recording demonstration discs for minor acts,
he did not record again until the early 60s. Employing
various pseudonyms, Simon enjoyed a couple of minor US hits
during 1962-63 as Tico And More...

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Review about Paul Simon songs
father and daughter relationship | Reviewer: harini
    ------ About the song Father And Daughter performed by Paul Simon

I LOVE MY FATHER!but i can't be frank to him.when i share any problems he may feel guilty. so i just react happily when he asks me about my problems.

great music | Reviewer: Jim A
    ------ About the song Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard performed by Paul Simon

of course you can find a deeper meaning if you try, but just on the surface this song starts with a great acoustical guitar riff and follows with well phrased and metered lyrics with some not so easy notes to sing.
find any meaning that makes you happy, it's still a great tune.

Secret song for my grandson and me since he was 2 and I was I was 48 | Reviewer: Tata
    ------ About the song You Can Call Me Al performed by Paul Simon

Our first grandson and I were alone during a thunder storm and to keep his mind off the storm, we turned the TV to a music channel and it was on. It was the video
Of Chevy Chase and Paul. Since that day, we've texted and called each other about 4 times a year and I called him Al and he returned with Betty. Such a dear secret for us to share. When he was married and about 25 he bought a new boat and put the song on his playlist on his boat stereo . What a tearful moment when he took us riding the first time and turned the song o. Loud!

Not "single", "sailor" | Reviewer: Klaus Nothnagel
    ------ About the song Kodachrome performed by Paul Simon

When I listen to the song, I hear something different than is written in the lyrics here:

"If you took all the girls I knew when I was SAILOR" - not "when I was single".

What do you hear??

Haunting | Reviewer: Faith
    ------ About the song Graceland performed by Paul Simon

Powerful song. The words grip me every time I hear it. About love and death and loss and the past and dealing with life in between... How do we do it? I think the song is telling us we must be spiritual in some kind of way to survive it all.

Slip Slidin' Away | Reviewer: Glory Cloud Revelation
    ------ About the song Slip Slidin' Away performed by Paul Simon

Since this song came on twice while I was here, I think I'm supposed to write this review. I've always enjoyed Paul Simon's voice, and the melodies to his songs. However, this time, I've got to say that I don't enjoy the words to this song that much because it's all about losing what's the most important thing next to your relationship with God. That is your relationship with your family that the song says is "slip slidin' away".
The bible says ;Death and Life is in the power of the tongue", " As a man (mankind) thinketh so is he" (Proverbs 18:21)(Proverbs 23:7). Therefore, if we want to take advantage of this ancient wisdom, we need to guard our heart, by guarding what we hear and say. (I do say think that the intention of Paul Simon in emphasizing the "slip slidin away" was to call attention to it, so that we wouldn't let go of what is important to us before we lose it or too much damage is done.
The line of the man loving his woman so much that he thinks he' gonna disappear is, possibly, whether the song writer knew it or not, the conviction to not love anyone more than the LORD. (Revelation 2:4) The father who wanted to bring understanding to his son by communicating to him his reasons behind his decisions. Maybe, let pride or being too busy interfere with a closer relationship that they both needed. I believe, being a song writer, myself, that Paul Simon was trying to call our attention to these things so we could recognize the importance of our relationships being worth the time to enhance before they slip away because he calls what we're slip slidden away from our 'destination'. It's a good song if you understand it enough to bring out the good in you.

Coat of Chrome | Reviewer: WarPony
    ------ About the song Kodachrome performed by Paul Simon

Some lyrics you just make up because the words are not always clear (Bennie and the jets" for example by Elton John: walrus suit and electric boobs, etc - ha ha).

I thought he was singing about getting high on spleef- a "coat of chrome" to the mindset would brighten colors and make for a shiney day, so "mamma" don't be a buzz kill. IDK, it was fun to sing when young, even if I only recently thought of its possible meaning.

It Is What It Is | Reviewer: Bob
    ------ About the song Kodachrome performed by Paul Simon

I remember hearing an interview with Simon back in 1973, the same year KODACHROME was released and made the charts. He said the song was at face value, that he writes "absolute music," music for music's sake. The lyrics don't have any hidden meaning. They're about taking pictures, that's all.

To those who thought this was a 60's song, sorry, no. And to those looking for some profound message, sorry to disappoint!

back to the music | Reviewer: Rosie
    ------ About the song American Tune performed by Paul Simon

say whatever you want about political views, but the great part about this song is that it means something different to everyone who hears it, like all great art does. for me, this song makes me remember how i felt after hearing the news that my good friend committed suicide. the lines "im all right, im all right. im just weary to my bones. still you dont expect to be bright and bon vivant, so far away from home. so far away from home." completely sums up how i felt after crying my eyes out for several hours. the song is universal, and i dont believe that it was a political statement. at the time it was written, alot of shit was going on with the war and politics, but the song itself is paul simon singing about how he felt. how stretched thin his soul was from all the terrible things happening around him. how he just needed to get some rest.

crap n stuff | Reviewer: Kitty Conrad
    ------ About the song Kodachrome performed by Paul Simon

I'm amazed at how folks will get their shorts in a wad over their varying interpretations of somebody else's "true meaning." My opinion is Ka-ching got it right. But, whatever, I'm surprised that I can't find a website that talks about the original alternative lyrics. In some small towns, the word "crap" was censored. An alternative version played in those markets, with the words: When I think back on all the stuff I learned in high school.

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