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b. Paul Frederic Simon, 13 October 1941, Newark, New
Jersey, USA. Simon first entered the music business with
partner Art Garfunkel in the duo Tom And Jerry. In 1957,
they scored a US hit with the rock 'n' roll influenced
'Hey, Schoolgirl'. After one album, they split up in order
to return to college. Although Simon briefly worked with
Carole King recording demonstration discs for minor acts,
he did not record again until the early 60s. Employing
various pseudonyms, Simon enjoyed a couple of minor US hits
during 1962-63 as Tico And More...

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Review about Paul Simon songs
we've lived so wel so long | Reviewer: Dorazou
    ------ About the song American Tune performed by Paul Simon

I've lost my children and grandchildren to life. They are lost to me and they were happy to lose me.
This song is for a great deal about us.
Before this private tragedy is was about America and the western world.

No gods, no masters | Reviewer: Not anonymous
    ------ About the song The Afterlife performed by Paul Simon

Good song---but it is not odd there is no sign of God. He is just another Zeus or Jupiter. All of those gods were fond of impregnating human virgins. It is not surprising that Mary claimed to be pregnant by the Jewish God. That was an easy excuse for getting pregnant without a husband. The Jews stoned young girls for having babies out of wedlock in those days, just like Muslims do today, so why not blame the pregnancy on god, just like people blame Katrina on him?

The Boxer Lyrics | Reviewer: Mary-Christos
    ------ About the song The Boxer performed by Paul Simon

One of the best songs ever written. I believe the boxer quits but his spirit is not broken. He would live to fight another day.
The refrain, if I remember from the original album back cover, was: Lai la la la - lai la la - lai la la - lai la la la - lai la la la - la la Lai

Slip Slidin' Away | Reviewer: Cindy
    ------ About the song Slip Slidin' Away performed by Paul Simon

I just heard of this song now... I see it as a song of regret but still hopeful for what is ahead of life. God is the hope and we must not let go of it.

Ghost Atlantic | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Old Friends performed by Paul Simon

I visited my son and his music partner at the studio (Arcadia, Portland, Maine).....while they were finishing up loose ends of their second album, "GHOST ATLANTIC" (untitled).....while breaking, Pete Himmer joked that he and my son, Trevor Smith, were akin to 'Simon and Garfunkel'......I can only hope heart belonged to them....for a few weeks, long ago, yet still near to my heart......a few YEARS....and , still, "every day's an endless stream of cigarettes and magazines...." Love to my son, Trev, who is following his dream....Pete, who is at times leading...but always 'side by side'...........and, sometimes..still, " We all come to look for America"....I will forever love Simon and Garfunkel....for all they gave us, sometimes in the secret listenings...and to Trev and Pete, (Ghost Atlantic).......who are fortunate enough never to have to hide...for any reason...because of Paul, Art....and a bit later, ME !

    ------ About the song The Boxer performed by Paul Simon

Well, I think that there is no actual boxer at all. The young kid, who runs away to NYC to seek his fortune and gets to know all about life is the theme.
At the end we have the boxing metaphor, because like a boxer who carries all the scars with him and can never forget them, the man-which the boy-has now become, has experienced events in his life in NYC, which he can never forget, wherever he goes. At every instance, when life was hard, the boy wanted to go home but he never did because he knew that the solutions were never there in his home, nor will they ever be. Each of us has to chart our own way in life and accept what we get. There are no second chances. Truly, prolific lyrics

    ------ About the song Slip Slidin' Away performed by Paul Simon

Glory Cloud Revelation - Paul Simon is Jewish. Songs are allowed to be interpreted by the listener, but I doubt that this song has any of the biblical meanings to the writer as you pose. Those are in fact your views. It's more likely the more literal translation of the lyrics. This song is about our collective failure to truly appreciate the love that we have in our lives right in front of us. We have more than we think and we get caught up in the minutia of life and fail to appreciate.

    ------ About the song Father And Daughter performed by Paul Simon

I LOVE MY FATHER!but i can't be frank to him.when i share any problems he may feel guilty. so i just react happily when he asks me about my problems.

great music | Reviewer: Jim A
    ------ About the song Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard performed by Paul Simon

of course you can find a deeper meaning if you try, but just on the surface this song starts with a great acoustical guitar riff and follows with well phrased and metered lyrics with some not so easy notes to sing.
find any meaning that makes you happy, it's still a great tune.

    ------ About the song You Can Call Me Al performed by Paul Simon

Our first grandson and I were alone during a thunder storm and to keep his mind off the storm, we turned the TV to a music channel and it was on. It was the video
Of Chevy Chase and Paul. Since that day, we've texted and called each other about 4 times a year and I called him Al and he returned with Betty. Such a dear secret for us to share. When he was married and about 25 he bought a new boat and put the song on his playlist on his boat stereo . What a tearful moment when he took us riding the first time and turned the song o. Loud!

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