Paul Simon Albums

  • So Beautiful Or So What Album (3/1/2011)
    Getting Ready For Christmas Day
    The Afterlife
    Dazzling Blue
    Love And Hard Times
    Love Is Eternal Sacred Light
    Questions For The Angels
    Love And Blessings
    So Beautiful Or So What

  • Surprise Album (5/9/2006)
    How Can You Live In The Northeast
    Everything About It Is A Love Song
    Sure Don't Feel Like Love
    Wartime Prayers
    I Don't Believe
    Another Galaxy
    Once Upon A Time There Was An Ocean
    That's Me
    Father And Daughter

  • You're The One Album (10/3/2000)
    That's Where I Belong
    Darling Lorraine
    You're The One
    The Teacher
    Look At That
    Se├▒orita With A Necklace Of Tears
    Pigs, Sheep And Wolves
    Hurricane Eye

  • Songs From Capeman Album (11/18/1997)
    Adios Hermanos
    Born In Puerto Rico
    Satin Summer Nights
    The Vampires
    Can I Forgive Him
    Sunday Afternoon
    Killer Wants To Go To College
    Time Is An Ocean
    Killer Wants To Go To College II
    Trailways Bus

  • 1964-1993 Album (5/1/1993)
  • Concert In The Park Album (5/1/1991)
  • Rhythm Of The Saints Album (10/1/1990)
  • Negotiations & Love Songs Album (5/1/1988)
  • Graceland Album (8/1/1986)
  • Hearts & Bones Album (10/1/1983)
  • One Trick Pony Album (8/1/1980)
  • Still Crazy After All These Years Album (10/1/1975)
  • Live Rhymin' Album (5/1/1974)
  • Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin' Album (3/1/1974)
  • There Goes Rhymin' Simon Album (5/1/1973)
  • Paul Simon Album (1/14/1972)
  • The Paul Simon Songbook Album (8/1/1965)

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    Reviews about Paul Simon albums
    10 years or It's yesterday once more! | Reviewer: Priscila-Brazil
        ------ About the album Graceland performed by Paul Simon

    I'm in heaven! Listening to Graceland after more than 10 years, I have the same trembling feeling that africa's drums and harmony cause in my hole body!! Absolutely wonderfull! Sometimes I forget about Paul Simon just to smile while listening to his compositions. Huge fan, what can I say...

    Hearts & Bones... top of the world | Reviewer: Martin Bouwman
        ------ About the album Hearts & Bones performed by Paul Simon

    To me this Paul Simon album is Top of the world. I can't pick out on song. There all beautiful. Al di Meola on Allergies... Two songs with the same title... but different! Rene & Georgette.... love these folks. And than his tribute to Jonny Ace and John Lennon, makes me shiver. Still, after all these years.

    I am a child of eighties | Reviewer: carl
        ------ About the album Hearts & Bones performed by Paul Simon

    I am a product and child of the eighties, and just found this. Having grown up in midwest then moved west, I got the new wave stuff, but missed the trail end of Simon's career, sadly. I was never indoctrinated. Then, for last ten years assumed he would be a sassy lib, but not so! He is cogent, far from presumptuous, uses his voice like a violin, and I have played only one side, over and over, for two days, on my turntable. It's easy to do. Thanks. I had a young friend at Evergreen State College once, and she said that you passed her when she went to New York City. Both alone, in a hotel entrance, Mr. Simon smiled and said hello. That stuck with me for years before I appreciated this album.

    25 years on | Reviewer: Old Pete
        ------ About the album Graceland performed by Paul Simon

    It was amazing then and seems even more amazing now. The wonderful African contribution, the faultless arrangement with Paul's genius is just magic and I think one of the best albums ever made.

    Great Lyrics, and Superb Studio Sound | Reviewer: Arturo Barrera
        ------ About the album Rhythm Of The Saints performed by Paul Simon

    To me, this is one of the best recorded CD out there, superb music, and also Paul S. got a great bunch of musicians from around the the world just to get the instruments he wanted on this tracks, You have to listen to this CD, on a Saturday afternoon, by the lawn or some place You can take Your mind of Your every day thing. I usually listen to it, on flights or car commuting... Give it a try...
    my all around best is Born at the Right Time

    King Rhymin Simon | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Graceland performed by Paul Simon

    Graceland is still a Masterpiece and a joy to listen to. Paul Simon has proven over and over what a master composer and lyricist he is. Would like to hear him release more as fresh and vibrant as Graceland. Tom

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this CD | Reviewer: laura
        ------ About the album Graceland performed by Paul Simon

    After all these years its still one of my all time favs.

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