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Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool on June 18, 1942. He
was raised in the city and educated at The Liverpool
Institute, where he did better at English literature than
at formal music lessons—developing a liking for the
writings of Hardy, Wilde, Shaw, Dylan Thomas, Sheridan,
Shakespeare, and Chaucer.

At the age of fourteen he wrote his first song, a
reflective lament called "I Lost My Little Girl." Eight
years later he returned to the same rueful theme when he
found the words for probably his most-noted song,

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Review about Paul McCartney songs
A very catchy tune. | Reviewer: Jeff
    ------ About the song Junk performed by Paul McCartney

I like this song and remember hearing John Denver singing it.In my opinion he gave the song something that was missing in the original version.I am a John Denver fan, so that may have something to do with it. I have always been a Beatles and Paul McCartney fan too, I just prefer the Denver version of the song.

A sweet simple song | Reviewer: Stephen Spano
    ------ About the song Junk performed by Paul McCartney

What's so magic about this song is the way Paul sings it. For this song he uses his baby voice ( like on Here There and Everywhere). There will never be such a awesome versatile voice or songwriter like Paul McCartney. He's lived the life of lives and even in his 70's there no stopping the music. God love you Sir Paul...

lullaby | Reviewer: omar
    ------ About the song Waterfalls performed by Paul McCartney

This song is a beautiful lullaby. I hummed it all day. Strange melody: some pentatonic, some unisono gregor. aspect, then other melodic aspects, and Sir Paul really takes his time to sing it.No rushing.
Also funny faces he makes in the video.
I would'nt have no doubt singing it to a kid or so before going to sleep.
Anyway, my light, my flower, Jah live.

Hnschen Klein | Reviewer: omar
    ------ About the song Waterfalls performed by Paul McCartney

Beautiful lullaby. Like Hnschen Klein. Mummy always used to sing it to me. It made me sad, because I did'nt want mummy to cry. But still I was a (spiritual) wanderer...
Sir Paul: Thank you. I will hum it. Omar .

    ------ About the song Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five performed by Paul McCartney

Miss the 60's very much.We did not need cell phones,video games,the internet etc.(I know they did not exist) you get what I mean.I drove around all weekend in my 66 VW on $3 worth of gas.Thankful that I had the privlage.Bless you all!!

Who I Almost Lost | Reviewer: Martin Kilfoyle
    ------ About the song Little Lamb Dragonfly performed by Paul McCartney

This song was played often by me during the
few months I was not with my Fiance. I play
it often now to remind me what I almost lost.
"We still have a way to go," but for me, "I'd
rather live in her world, than live without her,
in mine."

"To Many People" and the Beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Too Many People performed by Paul McCartney

Any combination of one without the other Beatles would never yield what we have experienced. It was the combination of these exact 4 musicians which made them the Beatles. Paul had a good head for business,a talented writer and Professional musician. Lennon was a very talented writer, musician, and major screw up. Harrison was the real guitar player of the three and did not receive the recognition he deserved. Ringo was the best of them all. One of the worlds best drummers. Lets not forget Brian Epstein,and George Martin. It was these 6 people responsible for the Beatles.

Beautiful! | Reviewer: Aaron F.
    ------ About the song That Day Is Done performed by Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is the Father of the Ballad. This is by far my favorite song from his 1989 Flowers in the Dirt album. It is raw McCartney, at the piano with his band, wistfully and soulfully singing about the "one who got away." At least, that's how I INTERPRET it.
And just like his Beatle years, Paul continues to write the soundtrack to our lives.

great song | Reviewer: Jim
    ------ About the song Oh Woman, Oh Why performed by Paul McCartney

I think John Lennon said it to a person that was interviewing him once. "Paul does have brain", or words to that affect meaning he does know how to write and sing good songs. I think though at times Paul gets into this "i can write anything and it will be good." I guess it's ego inspired, Lennon was the same but he put more thought into his songs and his lyrics we're better.
Oh well to sum it up this is a great McCartney song overlooked because it was the B side to Another Day a piece of crap for him to write and release as a single. The words are simple as is the musicianship but very effect in conveying the blues straightforward. It still sounds good after all these years.

A message we can learn from | Reviewer: Russ Beach
    ------ About the song Too Many People performed by Paul McCartney

I grew up a huge beetles fan. When the Beetles broke up, many wondered how such talent and success could be gone. If you listen to the hundreds of hits the Beatles had, you could see a difference in personality. I was in college when the Ram album came out. Too Many People put the Beatles break-up in perspective. I always felt that McCartney was the musical genius behind the the groups success. Lennon used his talents to promote a political view point. Harrison used his to express religious belief. McCartney on the other hand used his talents to remind us of life's consequences. His lyrics left you to fill in the blanks with your own life's experience and his obvious musical talent set a mood. This is what set Paul apart as an artist. His use of music caused us to look a little deeper into ourselves. When so many use their talents to promote a personal belief or view point, McCartney used his to force you to think and formulate your own opinion.

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