Paul McCartney Albums

  • New Album (10/15/2013)
    Save Us
    On My Way To Work
    Queenie Eye
    Early Days
    Everybody Out There
    I Can Bet
    Looking At Her
    Bonus Tracks
    Turned Out
    Get Me Out Of Here

  • Kisses On The Bottom Album (2/6/2012)
    I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
    Home (When Shadows Fall)
    It's Only A Paper Moon
    More I Cannot Wish You
    The Glory Of Love
    We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)
    Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
    My Valentine
    My Very Good Friend The Milkman
    Bye Bye Blackbird
    Get Yourself Another Fool
    The Inch Worm
    Only Our Hearts
    Bonus Tracks
    Baby's Request
    My One And Only Love

  • Electric Arguments Album (11/24/2008)
    Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight
    Two Magpies
    Sing The Changes
    Travelling Light
    Light From Your Lighthouse
    Sun Is Shining
    Dance 'Til We're High
    Lifelong Passion
    Is This Love?
    Lovers In A Dream
    Don't Stop Running
    Sawain Ambient Acapella

  • Memory Almost Full Album (6/7/2007)
    Dance Tonight
    Ever Present Past
    See Your Sunshine
    Only Mama Knows
    You Tell Me
    Mr. Bellamy
    Vintage Clothes
    That Was Me
    Feet In The Clouds
    House Of Wax
    End Of The End
    Nod Your Head
    Why So Blue

  • Chaos And Creation In The Backyard Album (9/13/2005)
  • Back in the World Album (3/24/2003)
  • Back in the U.S. Live 2002 Album (11/26/2002)
  • Driving Rain Album (11/13/2001)
  • Paul McCartney : Wingspan (Hits & History) Album (5/7/2001)
  • Working Classical Album (10/19/1999)
  • Run Devil Run Album (10/5/1999)
  • Standing Stone Album (9/23/1997)
  • Flaming Pie Album (5/27/1997)
  • Paul Is Live Album (11/16/1993)
  • Off The Ground Album (5/1/1993)
  • Unplugged Album (5/1/1991)
  • Liverpool Oratorio Album (5/1/1991)
  • Tripping The Live Fantastic (Highlights) Album (11/20/1990)
  • Tripping the Live Fantastic Album (11/6/1990)
  • Flowers In The Dirt Album (5/1/1989)
  • CHOBA B CCCP Album (5/1/1988)
  • All The Best Album (5/1/1987)
  • Press to Play Album (5/1/1986)
  • Give My Regards to Broadstreet Album (10/22/1984)
  • Pipes of Peace Album (5/1/1983)
  • Tug of War Album (5/1/1982)
  • McCartney II Album (5/26/1980)
  • Back to the Egg Album (5/1/1979)
  • Wings Greatest Album (5/1/1978)
  • London Town Album (5/1/1977)
  • Wings Over America Album (12/10/1976)
  • Wings at the Speed of Sound Album (5/1/1976)
  • Venus & Mars Album (5/1/1975)
  • Band On The Run Album (5/1/1973)
  • Red Rose Speedway Album (5/1/1973)
  • Wings Wild Life Album (12/7/1971)
  • Ram Album (5/1/1971)
  • Wild Life Album (5/1/1971)
  • McCartney Album (5/1/1970)

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    Reviews about Paul McCartney albums

    chaos and creation | Reviewer: Steve Dell
        ------ About the album Chaos And Creation In The Backyard performed by Paul McCartney

    What can I say, The Master at it again. McCartney has written the soundtrack to my life and he just keeps bring it. He is the Mozart of modern day music. Thanks for all the wonderful tunes and especially word for the last 45 years.

    Red Rose Speedway a charming country road | Reviewer: Ronn
        ------ About the album Red Rose Speedway performed by Paul McCartney

    Another solo-album by Paul McCartney, showing he's a great song writer and Wings was about to come up.

    The album has the sphere like Ram - home-made, dense no "big production". Good songs, although not as many diamonds as Ram had.
    Still, the ever-ever-evergreen My Love alone makes this album worth while. Yet: One more kiss, When the Night, the rock-song Hi hi hi and ofcours The Mess, make it a very likable album, that gets to you when listen to more often.
    His little escapade with Loop is forgiven. That's a bit too hobby-istic.
    All in all, partly a speedway indeed, partly a nice country road with lovely views.

    Now that's coming out! | Reviewer: Ronn
        ------ About the album McCartney performed by Paul McCartney

    Although a more-or-less home production this solo album really is "That would be something".
    Too bad that some of the songs lower the rating a bit, but most of them are in their simplicity strong songs: The lovely Linda, Every night, Man we was lonely: each one of them great songs. And ofcours the all-timers "Maybe I'm amazed" and "Junk" and "Singalong junk".
    What amazes me a bit that Paul did not take more time to get an over-all higher standard for his songs in this album.

    Back to the start | Reviewer: Murray Schneider
        ------ About the album Chaos And Creation In The Backyard performed by Paul McCartney

    When I heard the album, especially the track, "it never happened before", i was hearing McCartney 1> The lead guitar played no doubt by Paul himself missing the bends on purpose.really his style from the beginning. I also heard Ram and Redrose Speadway. Great stuff. I love the Piano production and strings. Great Latin sound in Certain softness. Beatles sound in Jenny Wren. Here, Paul creates another magical finger plucking accoustic masterpiece like black bird and yesterday. Keep it coming Paul. Don't try to write what you think people want at the time. Just write from your heart...


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