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Although he never wrote or sang lead on a hit single, Paul
Kantner had the greatest impact on Jefferson
Airplane/Starship of any member. He holds the record for
the longest, unbroken membership (19 years), and he has
been at times the only original member of the band present.
His interest in science fiction helped transform Jefferson
Airplane into Jefferson Starship, and, throughout it all,
he presided over the band's loose and sometimes messy
democracy. If Marty Balin was the soul of the band, and
Grace Slick its public persona, More...

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Reviews about Paul Kantner songs

A song for when the lights go out. | Reviewer: Skyray
    ------ About the song Silver Spoon performed by Paul Kantner

Have you ever wondered what life here in America would be like after an EMP attack? You know, only one nuclear weapon exploded high above the atmosphere creating an electron pulse that will plunge this country into darkness. Every circuit ried beyond repair. No electricity anywhere in the USA. Well, read a book called "One Second After" and then listen to this song. Our new national anthem.

Further Data | Reviewer: Kerby Jackson
    ------ About the song Starship performed by Paul Kantner

Kantner, Slick and a Who's Who of San Francisco rock making one of the finest albums of all time, an aching, roaring wishdream for all of us who mourn the slow death of the space program. Two corrections to Winestone Cowboy's review: The album was nominated for a Hugo the year it came out, but didn't win. And, although Kantner has said it was inspired by Heinlein's novel Methuselah's Children, the only noticable connection is the idea of hijacking the planet's first workable starship. Kantner also says he wrote to Heinlein for persission to use the idea and was given it.

Chris' review of Look at the Wood | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Look At The Wood performed by Paul Kantner

wow, i love this song, Paul's guitar makes you think of better times, just the sound makes you happy, and wanna become a hippie. the lyrics are good, Grace's vocals add alot, but with Paul going along with her it is retardedly amazing. "Tell me old man how long have you lived
To have such amazing talent" i think that quote should be about Paul for creating this master-piece

Still relavent | Reviewer: Arthur Nor
    ------ About the song Mau Mau performed by Paul Kantner

the song in itself is an historical sign of the times in which it was written and awsome. In light of the viet war era and technologial advances it really is a part of a story contained in the whole album about hi-jacking a starship. Furry little ball to space travel.

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