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Release Date: 07/01/1970
Tracks in Blows Against The Empire: Mau Mau, The Baby Tree, Let's Go Together, A Child Is Coming, Sunrise, Hijack, Home, Have You Seen The Stars Tonight?, XM, Starship

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A pice of Apocalyptic moving | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/2004

This piece is the only Airplane/Starship/Kantner/Slick piece I've ever heard, yet it encapsulates all they represent, as I've seen from various interviews etc:

Kantner, about touring, over in California, I think:
"We went over there, and were playing and they were all in suits, just looking up at us. We came back a year later and they were having nude love ins"

They were heralds of the new (and dare I say it) 'Woodstock' nation, children of '66.

The piece is incredibly political, and naively idealistic in its preachings of somewhat militantly asserting their passive aims against the archaic, ged, society

Slick's harmonious, ethereal vocals are divine, in the true sense of the world. She is the virgin warior, the pure soldier for sexual freedom. She's something else. Her long sustained harmonies, with structure and key changes are so deeply subversive, and so pure at the same time. The album contrasts this superbly with such lighter numbers as 'Mau Mau, or to a lesser degree, 'The baby tree', where Kantner's more rythmic, folky acoustic and vocals motivate and inspirit you. This contrast is done far more skilfully (in terms of the rythm itself) than say 'Country Joe and the Fish's Electric music for the mind and body, which appears disjointed. This album is a truly progressive journey.

The lyrics themselves are so speechy, that is, not necessarily poetic so much as forward and direct, such as 'Whatever you think of us is totally irrelevant', as if they wish to truly articulate their message in the blunt, and plain language of their enemy.

They also preach, and state their aims quite directly, such as 'free minds, free bodies, free dope, free music', in 'hijack'.

The core preogression in Sunrise blows me away, just as much as in 'Lets go together'. I cannot express my love for Grace Slick's vocals any more. She brings the depth, unity and love to the album. The militant songs of Kantner are subversive, militant, and generate the though-apt 'us and them' attitude, Slick brings a universal (structureless) unity, and peace to the album. The humanitarian cause penetrates your very core, inescapable.

this is why I love the album.

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