Paul Colman Albums

  • Let It Go Album (3/1/2005)
    Gloria (All God's Children)
    The One Thing
    Holding On To You
    Sweet River
    I'm Coming Home
    Last Night In America
    I Owe It All
    Nothing Without You
    Symphony Of The Redeemed
    My Brother Jack

  • One Voice One Guitar Volume 2 Album (2/1/2005)
    What'cha Running From?
    Perfect Love
    Running Away From You
    Home Of Grace
    This Girl Wears Glasses
    Love No One Can Hide
    Sweet Little Girl
    Jesus Of Nazareth
    Small Steps
    My Confession/Your Grace
    Standing At The Station
    My Brother Jack

  • One Voice One Guitar Album (2/1/1998)
    All U Need
    Spending Time
    As Long As You Come Home To Me
    Finish Line
    Girl With The Crooked Mirror
    No Problem
    Nobody Else
    Mr Religion
    Life Is Where U R
    Fill My Cup
    4 Love

  • The Band Thing Album (2/1/1997)
    In This Garden
    Fill My Cup
    Breaking Point
    Candlelight Girl
    Slow Down
    The Reunion
    Come On
    Old Man

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