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Born in New York City to Betty and George Smyth, several
years prior to Kennedy's tragic assassination, Patty spent
her childhood in three out of five possible boroughs - -
Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan -- with her elder sibling
Elizabeth. Recovering fairly rapidly from the sting of not
having been given a middle name, and her parents' divorce,
Patty recieved a generic limited education at the hands of
the New York public school system. Indeed, some of her
early songwriting sensibilities was informed by this low
brow education -- More...

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Review about Patty Smyth songs
Work Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Warrior performed by Patty Smyth

I'm not sure why, but The Warrior is stuck in my head at least 3 days a week at work. Thus I sing it all day long at least 3 days a week. My co-workers don't seem to appreciate my passion or range...

just ain't enough.... | Reviewer: nirina candra
    ------ About the song Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough performed by Patty Smyth

But there's a danger in loving somebody too much
And its sad when you know it's your heart you can't trust
There's a reason why people don't stay where they are
Baby sometimes love just ain't enough

The Warrior | Reviewer: Pat
    ------ About the song The Warrior performed by Patty Smyth

She's tough and strong from love's pain in the past and now she is the huntress for the kill of anyone's heart that wants to take her on and try to tame the warrior that she is now. She will give as much as she wants and it will take one hell of a man(if he exists)to reach her heart. She doesn't want someone to tame her or try to cage her. She is wild and free.

Awesome!!! | Reviewer: Ashley
    ------ About the song The Warrior performed by Patty Smyth

This song is amazing its so fricken old but its always stuck in my head! I love how she is so meteforical in her song and deep wow men are so ridiculous with there feelings hahahaha i see where she is coming from!! I think every woman is a warrior! wooo hooo!

The Woman is the Warrior | Reviewer: Pie 123
    ------ About the song The Warrior performed by Patty Smyth

It's about a woman who is protecting her emotions from the guy who seems to not want to get emotionally involved with her. She is the warrior because she has to fight against heart break and the emotions and feelings that go with it thus she becomes the warrior because she doesn't want to have feelings for the guy. Yet she does and it's one sided that's why she shoots a wall because when you are involved with someone who doesn't express themselves in the way you wished they would it's frustrating. So she shoots a wall rather then shooting him because she is geniunely in love with him so she is trying to protect him and her feelings at the same time.

You are an idiot. | Reviewer: m.s.
    ------ About the song The Warrior performed by Patty Smyth

Kickin some ass? Good game, you should probably get your ears and possibly your brain checked out. Great song though.

Amazing! | Reviewer: cass
    ------ About the song I Should Be Laughing performed by Patty Smyth

i've been trying to look for this song's lyrics and download for like years now..amazing..i admire how the great people from this site was able to ocme out with music that has sense..kudos!

kickin some ass | Reviewer: chad vold
    ------ About the song The Warrior performed by Patty Smyth

i always believed the phrase "kickin some ass" was in place of "if you survive" the warrior??!!

On a Downtown Train | Reviewer: Brian Spurlock
    ------ About the song Downtown Train performed by Patty Smyth

Everyone who hears Patty Smyth's cover of this Rod Stewart song likes it immensely. I saw the video on VH1 Classics, and it's the best song I've heard in the past year or two. I highly recommend it.

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