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Patty Jean Griffin was born in Old Town, Maine on March
16th, 1964. As the youngest of seven children-three boys
and four girls- Patty grew up in a house filled with music.
Her mother would sing as she did housework, and her
grandmother's family used to sit out on the porch,
harmonizing until the sun went down.

Patty's parents discouraged her from going into a
career in music. They felt that musicians were too often
disappointed. Her father was a physics/chemistry teacher
at the high school, and her mother stayed home to take More...

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Review about Patty Griffin songs
Icicles review | Reviewer: George
    ------ About the song Icicles performed by Patty Griffin

I believe this song was written on the first post 911 albumn Griffin made. One could only imagine frightening symbolism the falling icicles might represent. The terrorist waving his shiny new knife, running and hiding between each cowardly act. The hopelessness for those who thought they lost everything that day. But the sun's gonna shine and the smoke's gonna clear, if anything of us survives around here speaks for the victims for which so many aspects of their lives hadn't survived. And at the time they wondered if they could move forward after so much was taken from them. It's quite a song. I like it more each time I play it. And sadly, I recall that morning and the way I felt watching those people running for their lives in the street and hearing about the sound of bodies hitting the concrete.

Great Art and the Unexpected | Reviewer: Greg Baysans
    ------ About the song Wild Old Dog performed by Patty Griffin

I'm not usually one to get "God" songs stuck in my head, but this one is wonderful. The unexpectedness of the metaphor is a hallmark of great art. The plaintive emotional pull of "don't belong to no one now" is heart-wrenching and direct, nearly makes me cry. I'm also a stickler for spelling and grammar, but the double negative doesn't bother me in the least, makes this very conversational and "common" in a good way. Patty can do no wrong. (I'm glad this was one of the eight new songs to be included in her concert which I attended a week ago here in Portland, OR. Always a treat to see her perform live.)

Heartbreaking Family Damage | Reviewer: Phil
    ------ About the song Sweet Lorraine performed by Patty Griffin

I first heard this song on its release and it made enough of an impression that I sought it out 15 years later, not knowing its title, only the last verse and it appeared late in the album. This last verse is so shocking yet human in how families interact. I imagine Sweet Loraine hangs her head comes up with a tears in her eyes, hurt but just pushes on. What can one do?

Amazing! | Reviewer: Michelle
    ------ About the song Heavenly Day performed by Patty Griffin

This is one of the most beautiful and uplifting songs I have ever heard. I absolutely adore it. Patty Griffin is amazingly talented. Her voice is inspiring. Just beautifully written and perfromed melody and lyrics. Awesome!!!

chordate if you please | Reviewer: Rocky Levri
    ------ About the song Wayfaring Stranger performed by Patty Griffin

I would like the guitar chord accompaniment for the song, Wayfaring Stranger. Thankyou. If you have alternate chords, I would appreciate you even more.

You'll Remember | Reviewer: kristi
    ------ About the song You'll Remember performed by Patty Griffin

I love this song. When I listen to words I start to get flashes of all the people I would love to play it for. We all have a lost friend or love that we hope will one day look back on what once was and remember us with a smile.

patty griffin unecessary lyrics | Reviewer: jgrace
    ------ About the song Unnecessary performed by Patty Griffin

>>stretch pants, bee lines (?) love and soverance (?) trivialized

"stretch pants, vee lines, love and sadness trivialized

It got Melissa through Chemo | Reviewer: GIna
    ------ About the song When It Don't Come Easy performed by Patty Griffin

I was watching a old Martha Stewart show with Melissa Etheredge on it and when asked what song gave her strength through her battle with Breast Cancer Mellissa named this one.

AWesome | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cain performed by Patty Griffin

Best song in the world, wonderfully powerful voice

beautiful lyrics-clear and crisp sound | Reviewer: amanda
    ------ About the song Let Him Fly performed by Patty Griffin

The clear and crisp sound of Patty's voice resonates through your soul. Her simple guitar accompanying her adds to this haunting sound -- you almost need to close your eyes to really feel it. And the If you ever had to let someone you love go, but you did everything to hold on to him/her before you were forced to do so, you'll feel as though this song was written for you. I think I've been playing this song on repeat even before I ever heard it... It's an incredible gift when you find a song like that.

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