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"When you write a song based on a story from your past,
it's a way to go back and take a look at where your compass
was set," Patti Scialfa explains. "To see if you're still
on course, or if that setting is still relevant--that's
what's interesting to me." On 23rd Street Lullaby, Scialfa
delves into her personal history to create a sort of
musical memoir of a time when life ran wild and deep. She
uses that period to frame struggles between faith and
failure, strength and surrender, standing up and giving in.
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you can't go back | Reviewer: pam danielle
    ------ About the song You Can't Go Back performed by Patti Scialfa

what can I say, the words to this song for me, are exactly my experience, years after having my kids,I did ,I tried to go back to see if a piece of me was still there and much to my dismay, I saw my ugly past. But GOD! God told me that He would take my ugly past and I could keep only the good stuff. The best part... I know what the good stuff is now!

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