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Patrizio Buanne Biography

Last updated: 07/23/2014 09:35:35 AM

Style, sophistication, elegance… Where can we find that old-school cool in our consumer culture of instantly disposable celebrity? Time to meet Patrizio Buanne.

Tall, dark and handsome, perfectly groomed and impeccably dressed, the clean-cut Italian with the rich baritone voice is an enigma.

Inspired by the singers of yesteryear, Patrizio harks back to a time when a man would not dream of singing onstage in anything less than a suit, shoes polished, clean-shaven, hair neatly brushed, with a dab of cologne behind the ears.

Nothing strange about that, you might say. Except that Patrizio is only 26 years old - and hopelessly devoted to his art – romantic crooning.
Dean Martin, Paul Anka, Tom Jones , along with the traditional Italian singers – these are the men he idolises. Unfashionable? Perhaps, on first impression. But as they say: style is temporary and class is permanent.

‘less is more’. “Those artists perform great melodies - its so fantastic to go onstage performing beautiful melodies with an orchestra behind you”.

Patrizio’s life is a remarkable story in itself. He’s won countless talent shows, played Elvis onstage and sung for the Pope. And all before he was 20.